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  1. Guys, First love ah olunga pannunge.. aprum parthukalam Jathi prechanaiya epdi olikkurathunu.. How parents lives get no value in front of love? What's wrong if parents dumped such children in orphanage to enjoy their life instead of working day and night only to be happy to see the happiness of their children. love marriages against parents support can only aggravates the caste issues as somebody is unethically exploited. caste issues should be solved with equal education, fair opportunities and abolition of caste certificates and caste based politics. First of all we don't even have a proper sex education which is essential to understand healthy practises in relationships. So please give priority to love when you advice about love. how can somebody be a good lover by disrespecting his/her parent's life. Developed countries can afford to take care of their children even their parents are divorced for the sake of sex. But, In our country divorces will end up making our children depressed and criminal. I'm saying this bcoz, most lovers in our country do not know what true love is. and they easily decide to separate as no one other than innocent children is involved in their relationship.

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