We thank you for your support: http://www.AzimuthalEquidistant.org “…there is intelligent life on the Earth, and thank God we are waking up! Speaking of PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE, people really do believe that aliens are real, that Man walked on our Moon, and that Mars is a place Man can visit.

They believe that Man lives in ‘space’ right now in an ISS satellite, and that other satellites are real; and yet no satellites are ever photographed by them. Just like we were PSYCHOLOGICALLY PROGRAMMED to think we live on a spinning ball or globe, we were psychologically taught to think that satellites exist. Yet there is no solid evidence to prove anything other than we live on a planular stationary Earth and that all our devices and Internet communications are communicating as a result of the time proven technology of wireless communications towers, underwater cabling and high altitude balloon satellites.”

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“Published on 9 Jul 2016
Something that’s really been on my mind lately is the massive amounts of space programming and alien programming. In light of the flat earth awakening, it makes sense that we would have to be heavily conditioned to believe in outer space, then aliens, & finally an alien attack. It’s obvious that the programming is more rampant than ever, but the project blue beam fake alien invasion could still be years or even decades away. The occult elite / Illuminati / Jesuits / Jews / etc are very patient and will take as much time as they need, but if they get desperate, they can be unpredictable. In the current times we are living in, be on the look out for anything and everything. Little steps towards huge events are constantly taking place.

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