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“Published on 4 Nov 2016
A look at flight paths & gyroscopes and how they prove we live on a flat plane.

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Please research:
1. Horizon always rises to eye level
2. Water always finds its level
3. Gyroscope’s always remain level throughout worldwide aeroplane flight travel
4. Polaris never moves from its position despite earths travel through space
5. No measurable curvature
6. Terminator line on the moon during daytime often does not coincide with suns directional light
7. Gravity is density
8. No photographic evidence of satalites
9 . Questionable flight paths in southern hemisphere
10. Antarctic treaty forbids freedom of movement in Antarctic
11. Van Hallen radiation belt makes space travel impossible
12. Water bubbles on ISS film footage
13. The Fake moon landing
14. The Sun & globe earth model contradictions
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  1. If you where standing on the center of the south pole (on a globe earth) and looked up, what would you see? Like what stars or galaxies? We know whats to the left and right and above us, but whats below? How come we never go below

  2. Then why the fuck is our view limited…..Why does the sky appear to bend even when we're at certain height…..How u gonna explain Revolving of Moon, Escape velocity and many other stuff like force of Gravity and other stuff

  3. Could you please explain why a Sydney, Australia flight to Santiago, Chile has a stopover at Aukland, New Zealand and lasts around 14-16 hours, while a London, UK to Sydney, Australia flight stops over in Singapore and takes around 22-24 hours? Your map makes no sense whatsoever.

  4. regarding flying around the globe, the mathematics can be simplified by working with rotating axes. In other words you assume that the aeroplane (gyroscope) is stationary and the earth is rotating below it. This changes nothing as the gyroscope is completely unaware as to which is rotating . We do the same type of procedure when calculating the results of electrons or nuclei with spin rotating in a fixed magnetic field (eg. for MRI), we keep the nuclei still and rotate the laboratory in a mathematical frame to simplify the otherwise incredibly complex calculations. Just an another example on the atomic scale of things. So your story about the gyroscope proving a flat earth is incorrect. It proves nothing.
    I learned to fly at 13 in preparation for WWIII (which was constantly being delayed) and was told to follow the simple rule "keep the nose of the aircraft on the horizon". That is how I stayed level to the surface of the earth under me. Instruments on modern planes do the same thing, keeping the gravity vector exactly orthogonal (perpendicular) to the flight path at all times. In my primitive trainer aircraft I did have to constantly adjust the nose downwards to follow the horizon at constant speed. If the nose rose at all I would climb and stall, if it fell I would accelerate downwards and crash.

  5. let's start with the simplest proof of a globe.

    There have been MANY records of people who have CIRCUMNAVIGATED THE WORLD.. Since 1519 and until now, the most recent just started in JUNE 2016 by Mr Tuomo and his family.

    circumnavigate definition

    Journey all the way around (something, especially the world).

    Means if you freaking start in Spain sail west .. you WILL reach back to Spain

  6. Strangely enough, plotting the actual great circle flight paths on these distorted Mercator projection maps you're using would explain everything just fine as well, but I notice you didn't do that, you drew them as straight lines and then pointed out how far away the routes were from where they landed. That's just lying, man. And flights go where the hub airports are. And most of them, like most countries, are in the northern hemisphere, and not on the opposite side of the ocean where these flights you chose would take you.That's just the way it is, no conspiracy required. Not enough people want to fly directly from Perth to Cape Town for them to have a dedicated daily route or anything.

  7. Answer this:
    Search flights on the web.
    Flights New York to Madrid nonstop – 7h 15m.
    Flights São Paulo (Brazil) to Johannesburg (South Africa) nonstop – 9h 20m.
    If the flat map was correct, the flight from São Paulo to Johannesburg would be at least twice as long as the flight from New York to Madrid.

  8. I know this is difficult, but your first flat Earth map is called a Polar Coordinate system. That is also used on a globe.

    Go log on to Google Earth and draw a line from Asia to LA; it takes you just south of Alaska.

    I have a feeling that's what leads to silly theories like FE. You have basic misunderstanding of what was taught in school.

  9. explain why the moon is differant in apperance from the northern
    hemishere to the south and why does the water go clockwise down the plug
    hole in the north and anticlock wise in the south. Flat earth bs is a sinister plot to
    devolve us into stupid morons that believe anything they say.

  10. why would you have to adjust a gyro, have you ever travelled a long distance with one spinning the whole time? how do you know it doesn't follow gravity and point toward the centre of the earth?

  11. One doesn't know where to start with this belief system. Now, I am seriously curious about one point in particular, and wish someone would explain it to me: — having often observed with my own eyes (whilst flying in commercial jet liners at 35,000+ feet altitude over land and sea) what most certainly appeared to be the slight but definite horizonal curvature of an evidently spheroid planet's surface stretching out many miles below me and away into the distance, can anyone tell me just what kind of hitherto popularly-overlooked natural optical illusion would cause this supposedly mistaken perception, if misperception it be? If it is that my perception is biased by cultural conditionings to projectively "see" what "should" be there (instead of, presumably, a straightedge — but isn't the disc itself circular, so that its edge would appear rounded as well?) then how to account for cameras of all kinds recording what seems to be precisely this kind of seemingly natural view? Cheers!

  12. I went around the world on a sailboat, two years and three months ,I left California and came back to Georgia. believe me, its round, The gps said so the sexton said so the stars said so.If I didn't use round earth math I would have been lost, If it had been flat I would have died. just saying…

  13. love to believe in flat earth ,I love conspiracy but this one is overly cooked and more akin to a childs fairytale logic..They ,do not contain any proof at all. All of it is misdirection ,shortsightedness logic based on no science. To sum it up, it is like watching children at pre school acting all clever pretending to fool others with their fantasies. to either become popular or to gain a momentum for some reason or another…I know that Flat earth is a following amongst a certain Christian Movement ,so right there it is a solid and reasonable assumption that the two are ironically sharing a degree of myth and an element of truth ..The Earth appears flat to us from our restricted view down here so that is the truth the myth is it isn't. Biblical writings are similarly altered…SMOKE AND MIRRORS EVERYBODY…

  14. I'm a science background, Bachelor of Science Biology. And I'm not married to any theory, believing true science depends on pushing the envelope of existing theories. So there's no anxiety of cognitive dissonance here. BUT … we do know the whole idea of round earth, heliocentricity came from astronomical observance – mostly planetary mars, venus, etc. and explaining retrogrades. Though flat earth videos are interesting over gyroscopes, horizons and observable phenomenon, I'm not seeing flat earth address the core reason flat earth theory was abandoned for heliocentricity in the first place.

    Whatya got on that quandry of flat earth explanation over center sun? 😉

  15. Sir, to demo how geometrical illiterate and incapable you and most flatters are, look at 28:05.  You declare that the surface should fall away from the tangent at a rate on 8 inches times the miles squared.  So, for 1 mile out, you declare that it should be "5.3333ft",  well no, it should be 8 inches obviously!!  But look, you also state that 5.333ft is 0.12626miles!!!!?  Lol.       Wow, on the 10 mile example you got it right!!! 8in x 10^2  = 800in = 66.67ft.  You get the big gold star there, bozo.   But look at 100 miles out you declare it should be "6666.66ft or 12.626miles"!!!!  Do I need to point out that 6666.66ft is not 12+ miles?  And also do I need to point out that 8" x 100^2 is not 12.6 miles, but 1.26 miles?   Bad math!  And you were dishonestly trying to employ that bad math to demo that earth could not be a sphere.   Literally EVERY point you attempted to make in your vid was basically ignorance and deception of this caliber.    Typical FE fare, by the way.

  16. Ive been an aviationist for well over 20 years, myself and my colleagues have helped the pains taking process of figuring out things like GPS, Radar and other things. If its not me making up the lies about our flat Earth, who is it??? This video is a joke right?? Surely?? Ill pay any Flat Earther 1 Million dollars U/S if they can give me directions and fly with me to the apparent "edge"

  17. I AM A FLAT EARTHER, but these flight paths don't prove anything. It does not make commercial sense for a flight from South Africa to perth Australia, hence why there are usually connecting flights. It's not even the same plane, you would have to get off and get on another. The earth is flat though.

  18. The idiot doesn't know squat about how gyroscopes work or are calibrated. Gyroscopes have built in gravity compensation to adjust for the Earth's curvature. YES THERE IS AN ADJUSTMENT FOR THE CURVATURE OF THE EARTH IN AN AIRCRAFT GYRO.

  19. The flight actually left Taiwan, the northern tip (it's China Airlines remember?)
    …So I am guessing the flight had not yet reached the Midway Atoll based on the news article … Even from this point the distance it is 2606miles to Anchorage Alaska and 3471miles to LA … a difference of 865miles …This equates to a flight time difference of approx 2hrs.
    …Mother Earth is not flat … please leave your bedrooms and stop making non factual pseudo science waffle … we do not need another religion of delusion.

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