From Part 10 of “The Antichrist Chronicles”, Steve Wohlberg’s eye-opening TV series about what the Bible really teaches about “Antichrist” in contrast to modern myths.

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6 Replies to “10 – Antichrist and the Counter Reformation”

  1. Pastor Steve is correct. I have attended many meetingsĀ through manyĀ decades where the sermonsĀ on the Book of Revelation were given by many protestant pastors, and never once did I hear any of them say that the harlot of the Revelation 13 is the apostate catholic church, the beast she sits uponĀ is the Vatican and the Antichrist is actually the pope. IfĀ the many years of my lifetimeĀ did not get me to hear these truths of Revelation even though the sermons were from protestant pastors, what minuscule chance do the born again christians of this generationĀ get to do so? There is no doubt that the counter reformation of theĀ catholic church was and isĀ even now successful.

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