10 Reasons You’re Depressed

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  1. Wouldn't you agree with that in our sense we are not "depressed"? because depressed describes an entity in darkness, which we are not we are spirits in liberation. Our spirits experience depression, it clouds our senses, but we are not depressed. Our spirits experience it temporarly, it moves like a cloud around us. But our spirits are not the solitude of that dark cloud. Wouldn't you agree brother?

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  3. People are watching us and we can be their beacon of hope and light in a dark, sad world. Just share a little of our happiness with them not in a boasting way but in a loving, caring way. THANKS for bringing a little light, life, and hope into my world, Ralph and when you started explaining about the heart and mind at the end, WOW, that was the clincher of your ENTIRE video here. THANKS again and may the universe smile upon you with kindness and love. Namaste, Greg.

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  5. Probaly read a bunch of self help books, attended workshops, goes to non-duality satsangs and practices meditation to realise ultimate reality. Now sees how a modern spin on ancient non-dual philosophy mixed in with some psychology can appeal to alot of depressed new age minded individuals with an affinity for the unconventional. Now we've got a life coach hopeful with a new angle on how to help his fellow man. The self esteem you derive from the attention that you receive from this channel, makes one wonder if that's what is providing the momentum for your depression free state in the first place. What you said isn't all bullshit. But it takes a certain amount of leeway, in other words a depression free period where one could operate at their full capacity and be in the now like you said and in tune with one's surroundings, in a time Like this is when one is likely to find an enjoyable activity or some other thing that would create a momentum that sustains a depression free state. How the fuck does one get that break? Not by you giving reasons why people are depressed!

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