143 Overcoming The Annunaki, New World Order & Ascending Beyond the Coming Harvest w Gerald Clark

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Gerald Clark is an electrical engineer and author of The Annunaki of Nibiru and the 7th planet mercury rising. He is an expert in the field of ancient history and has powerful evidence to support a radically different worldview. In this episode we discuss;

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– The work of Laurence Gardner, Zecharia Sitchin, and Erich Von Daniken
– Ancient Sumeria and the Cuneiform tablets
– The Annunaki as a mix of races
– The city of UR
– The Enki and Enlil story
– Jesus as a multidimensional BEing
– A different view of the Bible
– Poimander and Hermes
– The Laws of Atlantis
– Emerald Tablets of Thoth
– The plans of the new world order
– How to avoid the coming slavery and destruction
– Activating your Merkaba and light body
– The sun activating our DNA and riding a wave of consciousness

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  1. Man… Matt seems to have absolutely no clue what this dude is talking about. Lol. And that’s not meant as a put down, actually… probably a complement. This stuff takes at least a couple years of reading just to start to understand the names!

    Ya did well, Matt. Ya did well

  2. All talk and no real substance, Nibiru is venus were Enki came from, there is no harvest ET has helpped raise our frequency and altered our DNA so we can pass through the photon belt as to the earth changes the planet is expanding we are getting help passing through this stage but there will be physical changes also this solar system has changed direction we heading towards the center of the galaxy.
    Earth as a prison planet the story is from the book Alien Interview it does not tell you why it's a prison planet or who put the force field around earth, after the flood earth was chosen to host the survivors from wars that was taken place in the galaxy,they were put on different continents as to not mix also the veil of forgetfulness was put on earth this was done by the Domain a peacekeeping force a small domain garrison was based in the solar system, the reptilian started to attack earth it was Enlil who put the force field up to stop them but it also trapped the souls on the planet as the souls could not leave a spiritual plane was created for in between lives and we were cut us off from source, when we set of the nuke gaia cried out for help the heavens moved and billion of souls offered to help. were we are at now the old annunaki regime is removed the archons removed the draco reptilian removed the force field has been removed souls are no longer trapped on earth we just need the veil of forgetfulness removing then you will see and feel the change.
    You want to help then wake up the masses we not alone.

  3. Gerard, You mentioned Kevin Annett. Here's what my good friend Arthur Topham says about him:
    Arthur: I worked very closely with Kevin Annett for a number of years publishing all of his major news stories in my former monthly tabloid The Radical (circa 1998-2002). During that period of time I also worked with many mutual friends and associates who first met Kevin around the time of the IHRAAM conference that took place in Vancouver back in 1997. 

    During the conference many observers (mostly natives) noted Annett's actions and also began to question his authority to speak on their behalf. There was at that time divisiveness over Annett's motives and they have continued up to the present day.

    JT: there are many that believe, like my self, that these churches have much to answer for. 

    Arthur: Basically the issue has nothing directly to do with the churches Jimi. It's about Annett's integrity as a human being and the manner in which he treats others, both native and non-native, and his methods which he uses to gain the notoriety that he does. 

    JT: i have never heard him enter into political discourse and would not be surprised if he did not know what a 'socialist' or 'communist' is. 

    Arthur: It's unfortunate that you aren't aware of Annett's political side but then how would you know of it other than putting two and two together and possibly realizing that if he had his own radio show on Vancouver's (Marxist) Co-op Radio then maybe that might be a sign. It's my contention based upon those I knew and what I knew that he's basically a Marxist-Leninist or a Trotskyite but, like the Jews and Marxists today, how many of those in the limelight let on that what their personal political philosophy is? 

    JT: he certainly has as little use for the crown as you do and i have never heard him speak of zionism. 

    Arthur: He never speaks of Zionism or the Jews because they are part of his political background gestalt and also because he loves to wax eloquent about the evil Mr. Hitler and the "Nazis" and how they are connected up with the "experiments" which the priests purportedly committed against the native children. 

    JT: nor can i recall him villifying native people on his radio show, any of the stuff that he has posted or in his videos. 

    Arthur: Obviously you are yet unaware of Annett's longstanding relationship with my two native friends Frank Martin and Telqua Michel. I've ran a number of stories on their plight with the cops here in B.C. Frank and Helen were also two of the original people who gave evidence at the IHRAAM conference back in 1997. 

    Another associate of mine was the videographer who recorded their testimony. 

    Annett basically absconded with their videos and used them for his own personal agenda of drawing attention to himself as the great white saviour of the abused natives. Later on he did vilify both Frank and Helen on his radio show and accused them of being RCMP undercover agents! If you've viewed or know the number of times that Frank and Helen have been beaten severely by the RCMP you would understand just how ridiculous such an accusation is. They, of course, weren't his only victims.

    JT: i see him as another you. you fighting for the right to freedom of speech and him fighting to right an atrocity that was committed long before he ever became a priest. 

    Arthur: I fight for a hulluva lot more that freedom of speech Jimi. In Annett's case he's a one trick pony and his schtick is the abuse of the First Nations people by the Residential School system and he's exploited it from day one and in the process he's used (and abused) more than one native residential school survivor in his megalomaniacal pursuit of "exposing" what we now all know has been exposed and has been acknowledged so by the federal government in an open, public display. When you have only one card in your deck of deception then you inevitably end up using it over and over and over again each time making it appear as though it were suddenly something new. It ain't.

    JT:certainly there are enough native web sites that talk about the residential school tragedies to know that what he is saying is true. 

    Arthur: Like I said Jimi we all know that it's true.

    JT: exactly how is he exploiting natives by bringing attention to a terrible crime that exploited so many of them in such a manner? 

    Arthur: Like I said above. He's a user and con artist of the highest degree, so much so that others have correctly pointed out his behaviour as that most resembling the behaviour of psychopaths. Unfortunately all of my past digital records concerning Annett are on the computers that the pigs stole back in May of 2012 or else I'd furnish you and others with names and urls, etc. 

    JT: i do not see where he has ever advocated destroying religion or churches. from my observation he is more like a modern martin luther nailing a proclamation to the door of an organization that has been demonstrably corrupt for centuries.

    Arthur: Surely you jest Jimi but whatever. Martin Luther at least was Jew wise and realized that it was they who were corrupting the RC church in Rome. You won't find Annett making similar assertions.

    JT: has he absconded with billions? 

    Arthur: No. But he has ripped off friends of mine who arranged speaking engagements for him and then were left high and dry afterwards. I have no doubt that this same type of behaviour has occurred again and again over the years. Once a petty thief….

    JT: are you defending the catholic and united churches and saying they are not guilty of what he has charged the with?

    Arthur: Unless you are more knowledgeable about the infiltration of the churches and their sabotage by the Jews you'll never come to understand that the churches themselves are for the most part people'd by millions of believers who live by the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Jews can never change that but they can, as they always do, go for the leaders and corrupt them with their lies and the the power of their purse. Did you ever do something that you later regretted? Apply that principle to your blanket condemnation of the church. 

    JT: if i understood you correctly, at one point in time he got weak kneed and did not want to go into court on account of a fear of being incarcerated, but i am certain you are familiar with the stories of jack cram, karl eisenbrenner, john carten (a few lawyers even being mistreated by the courts) to say nothing of so many of us that have been abused by the courts that you have subsequently stood up and so bravely defended to know the stories of what goes on in our courts is quite terrifying at times… waterwarcrimes com is full of such anecdotes.

    Arthur: That assessment of Annett is pure bullshit. He's a cool, calculating, cunning and conniving individual who thinks of himself first and last. His narcissism is at the root of his behaviour. In the 2002 injunction case in Supreme Court, Vancouver, Annett wasn't in any danger at all of being incarcerated. He hid from those who tried to serve him papers and used that pretext to not appear along with all the others who, by the way, had been supporting him from the get go. He always has a story to back up his un-acts of bravery but the truth is that he hid outside the courthouse while all his "friends and supporters" were in the courtroom arguing their cases and sent his then girlfriend in to check to see how we were doing. After the court session ended and everyone emerged unscathed from the building there was Annett once again waxing eloquent to everyone and doing his damnedest to gain more attention to himself.

    JT: you are by nature concise and exhaustive in providing details of the matters you normally take issue with so i have to wonder about the vagueness surrounding what appears to be a vicious personal condemnation. 

    Arthur: If you knew how many times I've had to comment on Annett to those who've been conned into seeing him as some type of hero you'd maybe appreciate my misapprehension. I went through this whole scenario not that long ago with my friend Alex Hunter who also got roped in with Annett's sophistry. You might ask him about his experience with Annett. He's written about it on FB.

    Annett is a con artist plain and simple but a consummate one. Only time reveals this to those who know him long enough. The problem, as always, with outing them is that there's a sucker born every minute and Annett knows this better than most people.


    Arthur Topham
    The Radical Press
    "Digging to the root of the issues since 1998"END

    I would be very interested to know when your interview was done on the Annunaki. Please contact me at a@truedemocracy.net Thank you. Peace, Arlene Johnson Publisher/Author
    http://www.truedemocracy.net To access my e-zine, click on the icon that says Magazine.

  4. 1600 years? Until the Crusades? Wait a minute. Where did u get that part of the story? I thought they returned to Jerusalem, rebuilt the(second) temple, and then gave rise to Jesus, modern Judaism, etc. And then it was all crushed by Rome around 70 AD, only to lay waiting for Muhammad to drop by an ascend thus setting Islam in place. Really? Hebrew priests in Babylon until the age of the Crusades? Curious…

  5. I love Gerald’s work! I’ve been following him for some time now! Great show!!Keep it up! Not everyone is ready for this type of knowledge so if anyone is looking for something a bit more familiar, go ck out Jeffery Daughtery’s work. He can get the young’ins off the bottle and teach them how to un-indoctrinate themselves first so they can digest the truth bombs Gerald is dropping! Just my take! Get Mauro Biglino on your show if you can! No one is more qualified to speak on the subject than him!
    Keep up the deep diving!🧐❤️👍

  6. We do seem to be brothers in this work, on this path. A joy to have met and shared with you, Matt, and a true pleasure to discover Gerald and to appreciate where he is at. Blessings to you both.

  7. Excellent podcast. I'm definitely of the belief camp of the later half, along the vein of the mass awakening happening in society is curbing the darker planned timelines towards a more overall enlightened timeline for us. Loved it! Keep up the great work!

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