Year 1550 MDL was a common year starting on Wednesday link will display the full calendar of the Julian calendar
January 6 – Spanish Captain Hernando de Santana founds the city of Valledupar in what is now Colombian territory
February 8 – Pope Julius III succeeds Pope Paul III as the 221st pope
March 12 – Several hundred Spanish and indigenous troops under the command of Pedro de Valdivia defeat an army of 60,000 Mapuche at the Battle of Penco during the Arauco War in present-day Chile
June 12 – The city of Helsinki, Finland belonging to Sweden at the time is founded by King Gustav I of Sweden
July 7 – Chocolate is introduced to Europe
July 21 – The Society of Jesus Jesuits is approved by Pope Julius III
Date unknown
Altan Khan besieges Peking
Iceland becomes fully Protestant
The first grammatical description of the French language is published by Louis Maigret
The first book in Slovene, Catechismus, written by Protestant reformer Primož Trubar, is printed in Schwäbisch Hall, Holy Roman Empire
Nostradamus first almanac is written
John Dee finis 1550
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