2.4 Occult Catholic History – Suppression of the Jesuits

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We break down the Antoine De La Valette affair which led to the expulsion of the Jesuits in France, coincidentally (or not) before the onset of the French Revolution. We also wrap up some additional points in relationship to the Jesuits on the French Revolution which ends in the beheading of Louis the XVI, who wrote a last will & testament that might surprise people who’ve been conditioned to believe he was some freedom-suppressing tyrant.

Additional Links:
De La Valette Affair: http://www.sj2014.net/blog/jan-31-background-to-the-lavalette-affair
Count Alexis de Saint-Priest – History of the Fall of the Jesuits: https://archive.org/details/historyoffallofj00sain_0
Louis XVI Last Will & Testament: https://tinyurl.com/ya9kuggm


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