2nd Beast Religious Liberty Task Force Controlling the Conscience. NSL, No Buying & Selling is Near

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  1. Religious Freedom does not mean they are calling for the mark of the beast…..that's a little over the top….that doesn't mean when the mark comes that some of these people won't be involved–BUT–defending Religion Freedom is a good thing…we were once the champions of Religious Liberty…what has happened to us when members exaggerate something when they should be supporting the concept….when the mark comes–it will come…BUT this is NOT an "Edict of Milan"…btw, where did anyone call for forcing worship? …the mark will come. In the meantime we should support our freedom. unless you want those politicians of the mindset of throwing you in jail for opposing gay marriage, shutting you down for calling LGBT "sin" or ban gay conversion therapy or fund with your money abortions…

  2. Oh and Pastor can you please talk about the Bible changes???Did it ever mention unicorns???Bank?morgtage,He that openenth the matrix is mine?Wolf laying down with the lamb?Jesus saying bring all my enemies before me and slay them before me?

  3. I don't know what to do.My family is stuck asleep There's smoke from the fires here I have no money to leave Guess I'm just stuck in the Godless city.I see women dressed as men ,men dressed as women.Murder,I live in Fresno CA.guess I'll be either killed or imprisoned.Im not ready please pray for me:(My heart is troubled none but God himself can help me.

  4. There is no fear in religion over the worldly per Galatians. Laws in the form of government and the rule of laws and commands can effect and deliver the truth waiting to be revealed. People should alone seek God. I don't prefer a world religion but we should remain peaceful to other religions all the same. The gospel of Christ and the Word of Salvation is the same. While America is under Lawlessness and the rule of Lucifer in this world and his deceitful and wicked lies we need the Law to drive us to Christ!

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