The hierarchical compartmentalized structure of Freemasonry allows the high level Jesuits to practice espionage by covertly monitoring their enemies, because the lower ranking members of Freemasonry especially the members of the first Blue degrees usually don’t have a clue that is commanding them from the highest levels. Remember that Freemasonry desires to unite all religions and philosophies, the result of this union is the covert control of all religions by the high Jesuits.

The Jesuits and the Vatican are aware that many people want to have freedom outside of the control of the Vatican’s influence so the Jesuits had to create a form of espionage that could unite all religions and philosophies under the control of the high level Jesuits and the hierarchy of the Vatican. The hierarchical compartmentalized structure of Freemasonry allows the high level Jesuits to practice espionage by covertly monitoring their enemies. The high level Jesuits control Freemasonry.

According to wikipedia the former headquarters of Italian Freemasonry, Grand loggia d’italia was located at the same place as the Mother Church of the Jesuits in Rome until some years ago. The Jesuits are still connected to Italian Freemasonry because the relocation for the headquarters of Italian Freemasonry is still in Rome, Italy today.( )

The Jesuits and the Vatican pretend to be the enemies of Freemasonry while secretly controlling high-level freemasonry for the purpose of Espionage. Because the hierarchical structure of Freemasonry is compartmentalized the hidden masters of high level Freemasonry can then use Freemasonry as a form of Espionage to control their enemies. The Jesuits and the Knights of Malta are the hidden masters of high level Freemasonry. Lower level Freemasons don’t know who their real masters are.

Author Albert Mackey said in chapter XV of his book: Encyclopedia of Freemasonry that the Jesuits covertly influenced the creation of Scottish Rite Freemasonry from inside their previous college in Clermont, Paris, France. Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit and the Jesuits used their Illuminati to infiltrate Freemasonry from the top. The High-level Jesuits are the secret masters of high-level Freemasonry while pretending to be the enemies of Freemasonry.


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  1. "The hierarchical compartmentalized structure of Freemasonry allows the high level Jesuits"

    There is no hierarchical compartmentalized structure of Freemasonry.

    Get your facts from the source and ignore all this Mason conspiracy crap.

  2. Why do you specially point out the FAKE Jews? They are NOT Jews – they do not follow the Lord, The ONE God of Jewish Scriptures. They are cast out from the Jewish people, from God. Period. Why don't you point out all the "Christians"??? Nobody who gets past the 33degree loves or follows God – they worship the ancient evil ones, Baal, Satan, etc. Stop being racist. Thx.

  3. 'Believe it or not, it's true.'  LOL.  no evidence, just proclamations.

    Had to stop watching at 5min in.

    I get that it makes sense to say the Jesuits control Free Masonry, but EVIDENCE will prove that, not constant affirmation. Constant affirmation is merely programming.

    Just because Weishaupt was educated by the Jesuits, does not make him a Jesuit. I know plenty of folk educated by the Jesuits that do not subscribe to their beliefs. I get that you're trying to make sense of this confused world, but that does not make it true. Truth only comes from having enough facts. So much of what you have said in the first 5 minutes is supposition and not supported by facts. Pointing to a portrait and saying, "That man is a free mason" does not make it true. Provide some tangible evidence.

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  5. The unidentified military person who was in a US Air Force uniform is none other than Curtis LeMay.

    When I was in the NCO Leadership School, I got into a debate with an instructor who was going on and on about how great a man he was. I informed her and the class that good ole Curtis forcefully tried to get Kennedy to do a nuclear first strike on Russia during the Cuban missile crisis in the early 60's. Needless to say the instructor was not happy with me, but could not depute the facts of the matter.

  6. Not that I am saying that none of these purported individuals are not 33 degree freemasons, but what is your source? I believe you mentioned Biblebelievers,com but I could find no listing there.

    As for the Jesuits controlling the freemasons, it makes sense as the head of the beast is located in Rome according to the bible. The Illuminati and freemason connection is undeniable and all the various orders all bow and kiss the ring of the Pope is also undeniable. Now for the first known time a Jesuit is the sitting Pope. That has got to be significant.  

  7. The Jesuits do not control Free Masonry.  Furthermore, the British Crown is far more powerful than the entire Vatican empire was ever imagined to be.  The Catholics want to run the world.  The Crown comes much closer to doing it.  This is an Anglican-Episcopalian world in terms of finance.  While you're worrying about this rabid coyote that is Catholicism, the polar bear is approaching you from behind.  That is the British Crown's "Pilgrims Society," history's most powerful secret society, and the Jesuits by God are NOT "telling them what to do."  Cecil Rhodes studied the Jesuits and adopted parts of their methods, that does not mean he was taking orders from them.

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