The highest authority in the Society of Jesus is the General Congregation, an assembly of the Jesuit representatives from all parts of the world. A general congregation is always summoned on the death or resignation of the administrative head of the order—called the Superior General—to choose his successor, and it may be called at other times if circumstances warrant. A smaller congregation of worldwide representatives meets every three years to discuss internal business and to decide the need for a general congregation. Through its four-century history, the Society has convened only 34 general congregations, the 33rd of which installed Peter Hans Kolvenbach as Superior General of the Order. One of the most important recent congregations took place in two sessions (1965–1966) to revise Jesuit law and accommodate it to the spirit of the Second Vatican Council.A short video created by Sooraj Dominic


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  1. They are the militia/ spy network/ the vatican created 500 years ago to destroy protestant Christianity and to conquer the world on behalf of the pope
    The Jesuits elite at the very start began to practice the occult they became everything but christian. Disbanded because too evil, now back at provoking wars and NWO.
    They took over the Vatican and they began to infiltrate every government in Europe.

  2. From all that I am reading it is apparent that most protestant "Christians" hate the Jesuits. That is appropriate as protestant "Christianity " is a revolt against Aristotelean-Thomism vis a vis science and reason. Some indicate that the Jesuits have been banned in Europe back in the 18 century: that is a fact. But that was not because they attempted to over throw regimes but because they opposed slavery of the Portuguese. The movie "The Mission" was the point in history that started the ban.

  3. @antonKASA2007 If you're interested in who the Jesuits are, you can look them up on Wikipedia! Most people are just looking for something to hate I think. If my testimony is worth anything to you, I know many Jesuits personally and know them to be truly loving and kind people with a passionate love of Christ in their hearts. It is of the Jesuits that Mother Teresa said that they were her favourite spiritual directors. Who do you trust? The people who are obviously fanatical in their hate or us?

  4. According to my life experience, the jesuits are the most authentical christians. I saw them enjoying the life, suffering for a purpose, dreaming, then fighting for that dream to come true. And all this for God's greater glory. I'm happy to say that because of the jesuits I know that being a christian is not something like a… science, far away of the peuple's life, but is a beautiful way of living. Maybe The Way of living. 😉

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