5 Dark Dirty SECRETS of Catholic Church EXPOSED

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5 Dark Dirty SECRETS of Catholic Church EXPOSED
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The Catholic Church has been and continues to be one of the most powerful organizations on the planet. Discover the darker sides of the Church as SUPERLATIVES takes a look at 10 of the Darkest and Deepest Secrets Of The Catholic Church Thank you!

FACT #1 – 0:05 : Castrati

FACT #2 – 2:16 : Priest Controversy

FACT #3 – 4:23 : Francisco Franco & The 300,000 Lost Children of Spain
FACT #4 – 6:04 : Axed Nun

FACT #5 – 8:29 : Women Asylums

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300,000 Lost Children

Axed Nun


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  1. I live in Guatemala and it is said that the nuns had special places in the houses that they lived in where they would bury the newborn babies that they would have as a result of priests either raping them or from consensual sex.. Everywhere I look i just see hypocrisy on this church.

  2. Weird. Devilish system. Omg , I was considering myself as a young girl to becoming a nun.
    I am glad I left that shambolic church . God has guided me to Islam and this religion is clear and transparent. I have been a Muslim since 2003 and now living in a Muslim country. Alhamdulillah Rabbi Alameen ( All praise is to God the Creator of all the worlds)
    I invite all of you to investigate.

  3. I am a catholic my belief in God and Jesus is unbreakable. Sin exists in all churches around the world the perfect church is your heart. The very important thing above all is to know your actions and know to whom you address your prayers to. The wrong followers are the ones who instead of loving others and showing compassion, judge others. Be yourself know who you worship, remember every body will be judged according to his/her actions. I have found a lot folks here who have no idea what they are making judgements about.

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