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Go to my website https://gabriellechana.blog about how to pray for us. God is the One who must win this war. Thanks, in advance, for your prayers. Gail Chord Schuler

Because I deal with subjects not well known and censored from the mainstream media, much of what I say here seems sensational, delusional, and hard to believe. I’m currently working on my memoir Catherine of King David that will deal with this subject with more intelligence and depth. It will take me years to finish this memoir, because I strive to write it at professional writing level, which is how I wrote my first novel Silver Skies (published through Amazon Kindle). Please be assured that my novel Silver Skies is NOTHING like this video. I studied over 100 books about the writing craft as I wrote Silver Skies, and put what I learned into my first novel. Honestly, when I view this video, I can understand why some people may think I’m crazy. But when I view my novel Silver Skies on Amazon Kindle, it comes across as a professionally written book, well thought out with logic and emotional resonance. I created this video in about an hour, but the subject I deal with here really requires more than a ten minute video. But I put seventeen years of work into my novel Silver Skies and it shows.

My website is https://gabriellechana.blog. I made this video to clarify some statements I made in my video JESUIT ORDER SPONSORED NAZI HOLOCAUST (9.0 JAPAN EARTHQUAKE). He needs to get his facts straight about Brent Spiner and Loree McBride (Brent went right out and said that he’s not married to Loree McBride in his 2008 Dave Rabbit radio interview–check out https://gabriellechana.blog/2018/05/06/proof-the-real-brent-spiner-communicates-with-gail/. I do not want this Australian (who said I’m insane) attacked–leave him alone.

I have a lot of supporters. The U.S. government (in cooperation with the Russian government) manipulates the statistics (I’m actually breaking records with hits) on all my videos and my website to protect me. My greatest supporter is the Lord Jesus Christ. Also, people should critique my writings (when they are reviewing my book) and not attack my character.

Order Gail’s writings here: https://gabriellechana.blog/gabrielle-chana-gail-chord-schuler-books/

I realize that much of what I say is hard to believe. For instance, most people don’t know that just about everyone on earth has a clone, except those with Jewish or strong royal genetic profiles. Jesuits have made clones of just about everyone. Cloning technology has been around since about the 1920s. I got this information from Vladimir Putin (brain to brain communications). You may say, “Why don’t we hear about this in the news?” That’s because the Jesuits have control over the mainstream news media and won’t allow any news to go out that is detrimental to their interests. Because Jesuits use clones for criminal purposes, they won’t allow this news to be reported. I have also had extensive experience with clones at my workplace and with my family, where it seems some of my co-workers and family are afflicted with a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde personality. It confused me at first, until Vladimir informed me that we are dealing with Jesuit clones. Brilliant Jesuits are able to transfer memories from one person into another, so that the clone can have a perfect recall and a pretty convincing performance about the person he’s impersonating.

Jesuits have sabotaged my novel Silver Skies by replacing it with a Jesuit-doctored version to make me appear a mental case. To get the version as I wrote it, order Gail’s writings here: https://gabriellechana.blog/gabrielle-chana-gail-chord-schuler-books/


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  1. for the love of god, get help. i know you think everyone against you is jesuits but we are actually just normal people, some of us might even understand what you're going through cuz we have family/friends that are just like you. you have a severe mental illness, what you are saying is irrational garbage, and only a mentally ill person would be unable to see that. get help.

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