666 everywere

Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction
Secret Instructions of the Society of Jesus
The Secret History of the Jesuits
Jesuit General and the Jesuit Order
The Jesuit Vatican New World Order
Vatican Assassins.org
Mystery Babylon
The Unhived Mind
Spiritually Smart
The Evil Empire of Jesuit Futurism

The Jesuits are the New World Order.
They influence the world, because it is them the Illuminati.
The Jesuits are intelligent, educated, manipulative and cunning.
They are everywhere.
The Jesuits have infiltrated and took control of Freemasonry and Zionism.
They use poverty as a front. It serves them to fool people, already numb, full of drugs and Masonic propaganda.
The Jesuits are preparing for the coming of the Antichrist.
They worship Lucifer.


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  1. illuminati will inslave the human race and commit mass murders and repopulate only the rich poor will die and suffer, dont even reply to this i dont care about your fucking opinion or if u think im wrong, this is my opinion and only the future will tell

  2. "The fool says in his heart there is no God" ,,,,,, How do you believe Consciousness can arise on its own without a higher consciousness to guide it ? You must believe you are the greatest intelligence in all of space and time. Very sad individual you are. Start buy reading Genesis Chapter 1. Move on from there. When you become a Christian you can come back and thank me later. Untill then God bless you.

  3. Looking to the world &knowing that there are 2 factors,I see that the devil is losing and for sure at the end will be judged for all the crimes,it just makes sense!!! I think it's better to LIVE AND ACT IN THE FREEDOM OF GOD(praying in a right form,following the INSTRUCTIONS in the Bible-keeping the 10 commandments-including keeping the Saturday as the 7th day etc)instead of in the prison &deception of devil.I found on numerous people that through Jesus Christ they did a change for the better 🙂

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