7 Reasons Why There Is No Jew World Order (NWO, Zionism, Jesuits)

In this video, I list 7 reasons why there is no Jew World Order.

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  1. this kid is in trouble intellectually if he thinks this video did him any favors. He displayed a gross misunderstanding of Israel, zionism, and even what a "jew" is. Sounds like he is just reading off info he looked at on google or something. The jew world order is a bad title not because zionists arent doing it, but because they arent real jews. Being a jew doesnt mean your mother was jewish, or that youre a citizen of Israel. Being a jew means you put God above man. This nasal kid on zanax better do deeper looking or take a nap. Very 'low energy'.

  2. I honestly want you to know that the comments video where you say my comments are dumb hurts my feelings. also make sure everyone checks out Baby Gloves2.0. He makes Rainbow Six Siege and random funny videos.

  3. But I'm the Jewish Pope and this is my Jew world order. I work here with Donald Trump and Rabbi Schneider. Everyone in my Jew world order has a slave and a pawn shop. One thing I've learned after 21 years – you never know who is gonna come out of that gas chamber.

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