A Church for the Poor: Pope Francis and Liberation Theology

Sponsored by: CSB/SJU Latino/Latin American Studies Department

Presentation by: Dr. Laura Taylor, CSB/SJU Theology Dept

Part of the Francis: The First Latin American Pope Lecture Series


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  1. Q&A can be some of the most enlighten parts of a talk.  If you are going to upload without mic-ing questioners, plz ask the speaker to repeat the question into the mic.  A wonderful talk that explains the zeitgeist of the times, thank you.    Lawson di Ransom Canyon  closed caption should be the norm or the ability to add it….lets get youtube to make it happen.        m.    PS…. remember it wasn't until 1975 that women in the US got the right to sit on a Jury….  you are right ALL people are created equal.

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