Two giants of spirituality — Richard Rohr & James Martin — talk Pope Francis, Catholics on the margins, spirituality for the “two halves of life”, and lots more. Recorded at the 2015 LA Religious Education Congress.


4 Replies to “A Conversation with Richard Rohr, OFM, and James Martin, SJ”

  1. Richard is right on. I don’t think he’s pushing the envelope at all. In honesty, I got scared when I first listened to Richard but now see how entitled I have been about being so undeserving that I deserve a hearing to get passed into heaven. Contempt prior to evaluation and it seems that absent contemplative prayer and letting the Holy Spirit burn and root out my pompous thoughts, I’m a sinkhole. I’m weary of putting God in the dock and judging Him/Her as being judgmental for judging me when I’m certain that all this time I’ve just projected my own dull feelings onto The Trinity, God. It is embarrassing to have to witness my years of being dead right and wrong opinions. Dear God, embarrass me.

  2. Richard Rohr and language….he has to bridge the gap where language is immersed in ritual language, ie. Baptism is immersed in Life from the time we are borne, for heaven sake we are actually birthed by water and blood, rites of passage can be helpful with the pre-teenager phases of development as young human beings…some always take to task those that castigate those that make available to enable an understanding where they are on the continuum of everyday life…by recognising where they are at. It is a blessing! All is given!

  3. the addict is an all or nothing thinker … I would say think more than alcoholism.The control addict is by far the all or nothing thinker …. so addiction comes in many forms. when we see each other in everyone else,,,,than we have become non duel in our thinking. = peace and love and acceptance and above all empowerment and value for all no matter what our status is.

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