30 Replies to “A False Religion : Jehovah’s Witnesses 2017 Documentary”

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  2. This poor girl is Satan’s puppet… soon ppl will all see who is Jehovah and Jesus by then it’s too late.. destruction to whom ever is against Jehovah’s celestial government… jeezez ppl are whacked Satan is good…

    Lol her stupid voice… poor girl lol

  3. I’m sitting here watching this video and I can say that there is a bunch of misinformation being spewed about Jehovah’s witnesses.We are not a cult,we do not secretly praise Satan,and we do not get brain washed.People have always criticized Jehovah’s people because we do not believe in many things that Catholic Churches believe in.For example,the cross.We don’t praise the cross.Because think about it this way…if someone killed your mother or father or a dear friend with a gun would you start wearing a gun as a piece of jewelry? In remembrance of them?do you think that would please them if they knew that? Being raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and having opportunities to experience other religions through friendships.I honestly feel that this is right.i feel like that’s why people bash it so much.With that being said I hope anyone that reads this has a sit down or a bible study with an open mind.These kind,loving people will not hurt you.Now have a nice day and no hate.On a side note spy kitten.Seeing that you did not take your time doing genuine research I cannot take anything you say in your videos as fact.So I will leave without subscribing.Have a nice day.

  4. I am a JW and really kinda all of this isnt true!This IS the right religion.we are trying to get as many people as possible to join our religion because at armageddon, Jehovah God will destroy everyone who doesn’t serve him.if u dont believe me, then wait a couple more years and u will see!I am not lying, so we want as many people as possible to join our religion! If u do believe me, or you are curious, visit our website…JW.org

  5. There is a reason that Jesus did not appear on any of the prophesised dates. He did not exist. Christianity, and Jesus, are mere composites of many, many pagan religions which far preceded any of todays organised religions.

  6. never say such things,every religion has downside, the jehovah witness are the only people who try to follow the teachings of the bible,a church where they do not offer money offerings which is present in all churches today,they go out and preach like jesus did for free,and read the bible well jesus refers to himself as been the road to the kingdom of his father not his kingdom,the holy trinity of the catholic is not true its Jehovah,jesus and the angels a seperate beings

  7. Omg this woman makes me laugh how she thinks we're "Satanic" some people just think they know everything, but have not even studied the Bible. People say they are a cult, but they only really say that because we have made our mistakes on the Bible, but we have corrected ourselves, unlike the world today. So go ahead people of today, say that we're"Satanic" but really, the ones who are out doing immoral things like drugs, s dual immorality,(etc) are really the ones who are making satanic deeds. So yea, don't state facts on stuff, when you don't have a clue on the topic. 😂 when she said "Satanic" about us, I laughed. Lol. But if your another religion, I, not trying to insult you.

  8. About Jesus. From my experience with them, they believe Jesus, or Jehovah to them, will return and walk the earth. As the Bible says. They do believe he was Crucified on a pole, instead of a cross. But, they believe the only way is thru Jesus. I was raised Baptist (Satan has infiltrated them also) and believe Jesus is the way. The rest is irrelevant. A pole or a cross does not matter.
    The Jehovah Witnesses I know are good people. They believe in Jesus and God. They go out and tell others about Jesus. They may have different beliefs from Baptist, Methodist, Church of God, but they all believe different and all have been infiltrated by Satan. The Baptist believe Jesus comes back 2 more times. The Rapture lie was pushed by Scoffield in the late 60's. Jesus will come after the Tribulation trials. That's when many will turn from God because they expected the Rapture to spare them. That is Satan's plan. Satan has infiltrated every organization on earth. He uses Governments, Actors, musicians, money, drugs, sex to lure people to his New World Order control.
    I always enjoy the visits from the Jehovah's witnesses, they are dedicated and know their Bible. I go by How God leads me. I follow no religion.

  9. Jesus was God in human flesh. Thank you for sharing this video it made me weep. My favorite part actually being that He healed without medicine. It is when we stop lying to ourselves and start looking up God that He can come down and save us and heal us. I’m so thankful for people like you who share the truth, because all truth is God’s truth.

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