A.I. Lucifer’s Haunted Mansions – Can U Hear Me Now Part 2

Technology from our past that is very important to the Elites.
The real story of Solomons Temples and Treasures that the Masses are not taught. What it is and why it was hidden from humanity since the Days of Noah. Music and Movies telling you with symbolism, truth mixed with lies. Stuff that is sold to you as science fiction, but is already been before and will try to be again!..Nothing new under the sun! Most will not believe this video, just like they didn’t believe me about Transhumanism,downloading your mind,Cloning etc..in 1998 from my old blog website…..What I share in this video will be revealed to others over time..just like before. People will doubt because they have no reference to this,because people cant find it in a worldly book or documentary.
Part 1 “A.I. Lucifer’s Vessel” and bonus material find at my website:http://www.nicholson1968.com/can-u-hear-me-now.html


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