A Lamp In The Dark: Enter The Jesuits

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A Lamp In The Dark: Untold History of the Bible – Full Documentary

The most evil society took the name of Jesus and sought to exterminate Protestants and their Bibles. the Pope commissioned a company of priests to act as a military order within the Catholic Church. Their purpose was to oppose the impact of the Protestant Reformation and discover ways to destroy its influence. The priests were named the Society of Jesus — a.k.a. the Jesuits. Throughout their history, they have been known as the most nefarious and diabolical order ever assembled. Yet few Christians in modern times are aware of their activities and how they affect the Church today. THE NEW POPE,IS A JESUIT ,WHO ARE {{ THE JESUITS }}} The most evil society took the name of Jesus and sought to exterminate Protestants Jews and their Bibles.

St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre


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  1. The Greek word used in Matthew 6:1, "epiousios" (epi = above, ousios = essence), refers to both the Eucharist & to temporal needs. The ancient Christian teacher Tertullian writes,

    "…we may rather understand, Give us this day our daily bread, spiritually. For Christ is our Bread; because Christ is Life, and bread is life. I am, says He, the Bread of Life (John 6:35); and, a little above, The Bread is the Word of the living God, who came down from the heavens (John 6:33). Then we find, too, that His body is reckoned in bread: This is my body (Matthew 26:26). And so, in petitioning for daily bread, we ask for perpetuity in Christ, and indivisibility from His body. But, because that word is admissible in a carnal sense too, it cannot be so used without the religious remembrance withal of spiritual Discipline; for (the Lord) commands that bread be prayed for, which is the only food necessary for believers; for all other things the nations seek after (Matthew 6:32)." — from ch. 6 of On Prayer: http://www.newadvent.org/fathers/0322.htm

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