The Jesuits, veterans of tense times with Vatican

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19 Replies to “A New Pope : The Jesuits, veterans of tense times with Vatican”

  1. That one, too! I know that it is taken from the whole Cain/Abel & Esau/Jacob thing, but I don't know that it is actually based on race or color. I think it has more to do with them following/not following the Lord.

  2. I have posted this question on several videos and not received any replies. I believe it is certainly possible Pope Francis will be the last Pope but I am having a hard time with everyone saying he will also be a false prophet. I see nothing in the prophecy about that. I am not Catholic, I am Baptist. The people saying he is a false prophet, where are they getting this idea from? I know there's a group out there that have preached for years the Pope would be, but that's not mainstream Christians

  3. These devils was looking for a black pope as a sign of the end hahaha look in the mirror satan ..The bible said the anti christ would come from the tribe of "dan" not cush or Hebrew (blacks in the America's ) hahaha These white created their own reality and went against the bible (once again) ..lets see obama is half african (cush) and jew (Esau) so you do the math …the tribe of dan and Esau Will fall period no matter which fake president (jews Esau are the real masters) is in power. .

  4. The Europeans are master of creating anti christ religions on earth from Catholic, mormon, Scientology, Islam, Adventist, new age, ect all started by whites…jews are liars from the synagogue of satan and are low key devil worshipers ..The real Hebrew were sold as slaves on ship like its stated in deut 28vs 68 ..usa is Babylon with soldiers from the tribe of dan and rulers from Esau (jews)…get a load of these demons

  5. Jesuits killed the American Indians years back ..Jesuits are cryptic jews …what your looking at is the pairing between the tribe of Esau (jews) and Dan (whites European) to form the biblical Babylon. .all these danites thought the pope would be a black man (cush) hahaha but that was not the case..The bible said Dan "would be a snake that bite the horses heel and makes its rider fall off" and if you think about it only one race fits this prophetic quote. .its the European aka dan.

  6. Catholic priest have a tradition, when transporting the Eucharist Host, to carry it tucked in their frock…like when transporting communion to a shut-in. It might be that is the explanation since he was very caring to the poor in his city. Not sure.

  7. To see the oath that Jesuits take when they enter the order go to ianpaisley. It is an org file but yt does not let me put the whole address in. Just reading the document gave me the shivers. If the Protestant/Evangelical Churches are not aware of this oath, then they had better watch out. Tribulation is coming all over the world! God bless all

  8. Yep evil hand signal. Satan rules them its not facts to all lies they teach people.Jesus didnt speak latin. I could go on and on but the most import thing is read the bible, repent to God only and accept Jesus has your savior.its all pretty simple we all born in to sin and we are not perfect. Read all you can as things going really fast as foretold by holy bible.

  9. As a Catholic, an angry Catholic, I do not know what to think of this new pope. It could go either way; either we're all screwed–Catholics, non-Catholics, atheists, Catholic haters–or we're eventually going to be ok.
    I saw a very disturbing photo of the new pope from 2008 as he rode a bus in Argentina. His hand was tucked in his coat–was this an accident or was he demonstrating the "hidden hand" of the Freemasons?
    Thanks, Mary.

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