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  1. He was talking today about being a permanent king patterned after the Chinese king and Kim Jung Un. He thinks it would be a good idea. A lot of the journalists were saying he was joking but we know he was not joking. A mouth saying great things. He has always made me sick but more so in the last two days than ever before. About 3 years ago I started seeing where Christians were talking about so many walmarts closing down and how i they were being prepared to hold people. I felt at the time that it was a correct assumption and now we are seeing those predictions coming to pass. They are taking children from their parents even a nursing baby. They actually pulled the babe from its mother's nipple. Think what hitler did in the beginning. He started out killing his own folks who were handicapped and suffering from some kind of affliction as all elderly people do. Christians such as ourselves who are not afraid of what he can do to us. will be next. Of course some with go into hiding but I am so very sick of this world I might just raise my hand and holler 'take me I am next"
    Talk about no elections in 2/20 is dead on imo. We may not even make it to the midterms in November. People I implore you that if you are not Christian now to RSVP to the invitation Christ has sent you. Jesus is the only way you can survive the atrocities which are alreay up on us.
    God speed to all.

  2. I feel like I am living in Germany 1934. The new Chancellor has come into power and he has proclaimed a war on the Jews (illegals). The camps are there just to house illegal children. But then who will those camps house next? Scary, scary.

  3. I agree with you on a lot of points. People have been predicting, incorrectly the return of Jesus. Like it says in the Bible, no one knows the time. No one knows who the Anti Christ will be either. So, no disrespect but why are you different? Everyone wants to know who he will be but we don't know. Actually only God knows.

  4. Dear Brother Key, thank you for this video and many others you’ve created…I can only imagine the time involved on your part. I may not always agree with you on every point, but I always appreciate your voice calling out in the wilderness to study, think, discern, and be prepared spiritually. Sadly, in terms of preachers/teachers, you are a rare one in sounding the alarm about the antichrist spirit DJT’s body houses. I’m grateful that you are faithful to the teachings of our true Savior and King. My spouse and I have had many conversations about what has happened to about 50% of our relatives and some of our friends who have been drawn into T’s circle. We can see the malevolence that bubbles beneath his exterior and it troubles our souls greatly.
    My question dear man is this…besides praying fervently to our Lord for His intercession on their behalf and carefully and gently speaking Christ’s own words to them when they vocally praise T’s words, actions, and claims of being a good Christian man, what more can we do? Our loved ones are sliding further into this trump cult, this trump religion. I don’t believe they’ve completely bowed down to little king donald yet, but it feels like it’s getting worse.
    Yesterday, a U.S. senator said this trump thing is a cult. Today, a republican strategist called it a religion, and from what he’s seeing, anyone who speaks against T, is treated like they’ve spoken blasphemy. About two minutes into this video is where the man talks about what he’s come to see as the religion of trumpism and speaking out against trump has become viewed as blasphemy: https://youtu.be/3o8eIsELJWw

  5. You know, I thought that with the way these people are worshiping Trump, that nothing could shock me anymore. But, I came across a woman on Twitter, who truly believes that Trump is God's second son!!!! And she's not the only one. There are a ton of "Christians" who are buying into this. Now, if that (along with everything else we know) doesn't convince people that Trump is the Antichrist, I don't know what will. God bless you Brother James. Thank you for making these videos. They are so important!

  6. I think Trump will easily win reelection in 2020. That's why Trump is going down the list doing every single thing to please the Christian conservatives. It's only fitting that the American Christian Church will elect the Antichrist not just once, but twice.

  7. Well people have had democracy for so long that they wonder what a king would be like. But kings quite often get corrupted by their power. That is why we transitioned from Monarchy to Republics and Democracy.

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