As most Americans know, Abraham Lincoln was an American statesman and the 16th President of the United States (term 1861-1865).
Most Americans do not know about the Jesuit connection to the Lincoln assassination. People who were close to Lincoln, including Samuel Morse (inventor of the telegraph) and several American Ambassadors, knew of the Jesuit hatred toward him and warned him ever increasingly right up to the point of his murder. This article has been written to recover the truth of history which has been omitted and obscured from the public view by the American government, the Catholic influenced writers of history, and even publicly suppressed by Lincoln himself, for reasons we will later see.
May all realize that a leopard does not change its spots…and this Romish predator just waits in the grasses for the prey to come unsuspectingly along. You may not see the danger now and when you finally do…it is too late. The modern Catholic Church and the Jesuit Order are outwardly very docile and seemingly benevolent
“Because modern Protestants have not only forgotten what Rome was, what she is, and what she will for ever be; the most irreconcilable and powerful enemy of the Gospel of Christ; but they consider her almost as a branch of the church whose corner stone is Christ.”~ Chas. Chiniquy- Fifty Years in the Church of Rome.

We echo this truth to all Protestants (if one can still rightly call them that since they really do not protest anything anymore), and to the ear of the deceived modern Catholic as well; who may not know of the true and wicked history behind the church at Rome. Many people had left Europe to escape the clutches of the Roman Church, coming to America to obtain truly free religious liberty by which to enjoy their Christian worship.

We will never forget that our forefathers, the first inhabitants of the American land, were compelled to leave their native country,

“If the liberties of the American people are ever destroyed, they will fall by the hands of the Catholic clergy.” – Lafayette.

Keep our Children Safe

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