The new Pope Francis, aka Jorge Mario Bergoglio, has been accused by some of complicity in crimes against humanity. His excuse, offered by others, is that the Argentinian Dirty War was tough on everyone and he just dis what he had to do under the circumstances. Is that acceptable? Not to the ITCCS, who have issued an arrest warrant for him via their common law court in Belgium.
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50 Replies to “Accused Criminal Becomes First Jesuit Pope”

  1. Absolutely,  that pope is a DEMON!!! The roman catholic church has deceived Millions!!!  the jesuits have tortured and killed millions.  go ahead and check it out for  yourself, instead of replying  to me with ignorant statements.   its right at your finger tips.  you can find out the truth and get out of that false catholic religion.

  2. You don't understand the meaning of words: "accused" is a person who is brought to a penal trial in court and is accused of committing a crime, "criminal" is a person who was condemned by a judge in court for committing a crime. You're really incompetent.

  3. That's weak-sauce: a case based on hear-say about a legally powerless guy whose alleged crime is that he refrained from acting the way some people felt he should as if he was an all-powerful authority. The case is so fantastical, so weak, that you felt the need to throw in the tired suggestion that the Vatican is guilty of not eliminating by decree the sexual urges of priests, bishops, and cardinals. Just wow.

  4. @butterflybeatles Jesus condemned this practice in his lifetime, when he whipped and reprimanded the church for turning God's house into a "den of thieves". I can't give you a history lesson here, buddy. Do some research and stop embarassing yourself with these questions.

  5. @butterflybeatles oh ye biblically challenged! Did you not know that Christ and christianity preceded the Catholic Church? The reason for the Protestant Reformation was because the Roman Catholic Church was turning christianity into a business, forgiving sins in exchange for donations, confessing sins to a priest, instead of to God, and the like.

  6. @butterflybeatles Christ, not the church, is infallible. For your information, King James had the bible translated word for word by scribes and it was translated meticulously. Of course, some words were confused from Ancient Aramaic to English, but the biblical contexts remained the same. It has been revised multiple times for a more accurate translation as well; although, I cannot vouch for other translations, such as the NIV.

  7. @butterflybeatles you should really pick up your bible and read it sometime. It's in the bible. If anyone is infallible, it's the son of God, not the pope. For more info, go to wwwdotgotquestionsdotorg; insert any biblical question in the search bar, press enter and read.

  8. @butterflybeatles Actually, it was ordained to be written by King James. I don't know if he was Catholic or not, but the only person who is infallible is Jesus, not the pope. If you believe the pope is infallible, then you haven't read the bible at all. The bible states " all men are liars" and "all men have fallen short of the glory of God". It's all in the book of Romans.

  9. Man the democrates are making alot of hate videos about the false church . Yet the false religious zionist are OK. Don't be fooled people . It is a false church but its the zionist you need to worry about. demons(democrates) are in league with Satan . The Repulsives(republicans ) also are in league with satan . This is red herring to cover up the zionist

  10. Whether or not the ITCCS is legitimate or not has little to do with the new Pope's istory in Argentina, which is criminal or not. We don't know the facts, but if the allegations are credible, they should be investigated by a longstanding, legitimate agency. And BTW, every religion since 3000 BCE has comitted atrocities against non-belivers. This isn't limited just to Roman catholics.

  11. catholic Prosecutor demanded I Be Punished For Being The Cousin of The Guy That Had Drugs in His Pocket ,Catholic used USA Justice System To Plunder me it is The Sorcery in the Bible,it Cost 25,000 Dollars For Appeal and Atturney Fees to Prove By Higher Court Ruling Being a Cousin of Someone is Not Against The Law,Then they demanded they never be held accountable for there injustice Tword me my wife at the time and our children,we Suffered and still suffer from it,People Sing I AM The MESSIAH

  12. Why pope want seat at King David Tomb,John Patterson Protestant Commander of The First All Jewish Fighting Force Since Ancient Times Later He Became John Patterson Commander of The Jewish Legion of Southern Palestine,Vatican Parasite to Protestant`s Glory !

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  14. Something's ROTTEN and beginning to STINK in the Vatican! I wouldn't be at all surprise if our Lord Yeshua were to return(The Second Coming)and the first enemies to demand his death, would be the…..Vatican! =P Many thanx for the interesting vid truthergirl, thumbs up and God bless ya! =)

  15. It was a dirty war. Verbitsky, was a Montonero,the government is full of them.They have try to implicate Pope Francis to shut him up.Hey,life is a bitch;today,the argentine president was shedding tears of joy???? ing tears

  16. The ITTCS is not a legitimate legal organization. No country recognizes them.
    They are simply a small group of people trying to hold high ranking officals accountable for atrocities committed by subordinates.
    The evidence they present is often weak, circumstancial, and contradictary to evidence that refutes their's.

  17. Do you think priest molest because their priest?!?!? i don't think so!! it happens in many professions, more so in jobs like child protection services.. The liberal media loves to push this priest molestation junk to destroy organizations like the church!! Molestation when up in the church when a influx of gays joined the priesthood..By the way i have never been molested by a priest and never have known anyone who has, but i know people who were by cops,teachers, foster care workers etc..

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