Activists Who Protested UK’s Biggest Arms Fair Found Guilty

Andrew Smith of the Campaign Against Arms Trade talks about the verdicts, the reasons for protesting arms fairs, and the impact of activism

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  1. it is very hard to find a banknote in the UK that is not contaminated with cocaine..
    even more it is very hard to find any money in the UK that has not passed through the international arms trade – supplying murderous tyrants with the tools that they need is a huge part of the UK economy..

  2. 2008 in NZ, at Waihope, 3 activists including a Dominican friar, snuck in and slashed the cover from a satellite spying for the USA. In 2010 a jury easily found them NOT GUILTY – on the basis they believed a higher power, God, would approve their action against war-mongering. They just did not have guilty minds. I don't understand why, following this, arms traders are so safe from activists. But they are.

  3. What has a higher price tag than weaponry? The equipment needs to be renewed and replaced as wars continue so that is why governments are 100% behind promoting wars and embracing these merchants of evil (in the bullshit name of "security").

  4. Smedley Butler knew a hundred years ago, and it continues. It's mainly about the money. Met a British intelligence officer in The Philippines who works out of Afghanistan and he laughed when the topic was broached and someone intimated it might be about other factors. No mate – materiel, armaments, projectiles, chemicals, fuel, mineral and rare Earth riches, and SF training.

  5. Empire USA is ruled by the 51% most educated, wealthy and greedy, as this privileged 51% owns all of our land, wealth, political power. And if there is any doubt about they being the most greedy, would you believe, they refuse to allow anyone else in our Empire to have healthcare. And so, as our Empire has owned half of all wealth on earth since 1945, we should allow no one to run for public office who has a college education or more wealth then needed to life. Anyway, lets try it for 4 years and see what happens.

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