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34 Replies to “ADMITTED! Public Experiment Psyop is Here 2018”

  1. The following prayer is based on EPHESIANS 6 – the full Armor of God for protection.
    Copy, save and SHARE this prayer – parents, make copies for your kids to keep with them.

    Heavenly Father,
    Your warrior prepares for battle,
    Today, I claim victory over satan by putting on the whole Armor of God!!
    I put on the GIRDLE OF TRUTH
    May I stand firm in the truth of Your Word so I will not be a victim of satan’s lies.
    May it guard my heart from evil so I will remain pure and Holy, protected under the blood of Jesus Christ.
    I put on the SHOES OF PEACE
    May I stand firm in the Good News of the Gospel so your peace will shine through me and be a light to all I encounter.
    I take the SHIELD OF FAITH
    May I be ready for satan’s fiery darts of doubt, denial and deceit so I will not be vulnerable to spiritual defeat.
    I put on the HELMET OF SALVATION
    May I keep my mind focused on You so satan will not have a stronghold on my thoughts.
    I take the SWORD OF THE SPIRIT
    May the two-edged sword of Your Word be ready in my hands so I can expose the tempting words of satan.
    I take the heavy artillery weapon of PRAYER
    May I keep praying without ceasing, so that I am not deceived.
    By faith Your warrior has put on the whole Armor of God and am prepared to live this day in spiritual victory.
    In the Holy & Mighty Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth (Yeshua HaMashiach), Amen.

  2. Battalion is pronounced bu-tal-yun. Not trying to talk down I very much respect what you're doing just trying to help you facilitate effective communication as well. You're doing a great job and you always connect things that I myself connect but don't see any other content creators aside from yourself so keep at it I believe that it is making a difference.

  3. This is fact and I know they are spraying us through chemtrails with nanoparticulates and flu viruses as well. It’s definitely a depopulation agenda. It’s disappointing when people aren’t moved when they hear it. They’re too docile. They are also trying to hit us with a cyber attack. They say it’s Russia but I think it’s our own government.

  4. Supper creepy!! NEW WORLD ORDER in your face! they don’t care if we know anymore because they cannot keep us in the dark much longer, a lot of people are waking up so they will have to do something BIG to control the masses and I believe it will happen fast (shock & awe) when we “least except it”. they are trying to get us conditioned to accept it as being normal and of course will lie and say it’s for National Security/terrorist etc.,) 🤔. like all the movies they make. Lord Jesus please come soon. 🙏🏻. God bless you brother, thank you for being “A Watchmen on the Wall!! “I plead Gods protection over you and your family”… Love in Christ..

  5. Those who roped Trumped into running for the presidency are who drew up the plans being carried out and are a group of patriotic soldiers. Not to mention a bunch of highly informed genius type. Have NO FEAR!

  6. They just tapping into the tech that the local gov. and media already have. Every time Amber goes missing my phone don't ring, it lets off a dam Ahooga Horn…."Alert Amber has gone missing." ….I'm thinking what the hel they want me do about it, it 3:00am they want me to get dressed jump I'm car and go lookin' for Amber?…. What the MISO folks want to do, is be able to send us "Alerts" to keep our ass'es inside and tell us over our devices, "Don't mind the Marine Scout Snipers shooting up the town, we're from the Gov. and were here to help." An Insurgent is military talk for any of the local population that don't follow the guys with the guns orders.

  7. This is why "GRASSHOPPER" they did away with the Smith- Mundt Act. that used to prevent them from using propaganda on the American public… Look into that and things will become very clear about the skullduggery of the demons at the top…… look it up Steven, your friend jbz……….BOO (-_-) lol ha ha ha ha ha

  8. This is where we find out who the elect of God are who puts more trust in God or more in the world. Those who trust God will look to Him and His word for the truth knowing we have never been able to trust the world and those who have more faith in the world will fall for every mind trick they play Praise Jesus I got my truth from God and His Holy word and Spirit I pray for those who don't

  9. They have already started psyop stuff with the public look how many people think the word of God has been changed from a so called Mandela effect come on where is people's faith now God isn't strong enough to protect His own word come on now. But it's sad so many have fell for it. All they did was twist a couple things they had control of then played on people who had the poison of false teachings like the lion and the lamb the Bible has not been changed the Bible never said lion it always said wolf always

  10. I am active USN, 15 years. The thing about when ppl post about military operations it's not all military, it's specific NEC/MOS that partakes in these events. things like this aren't shared military wife branch to branch for all military to see behind closed doors. I honestly believe this is only the beginning of another beginning of another aspect to distract us from what's about to be unveiled. Great vid! Keep it up!

  11. This is all about deception. Just as an illusionist' on stage uses misdirection and camouflage. Their agenda moves forward, hidden in plain site while the masses are distracted and have their emotions and thoughts confused. The opponent is a mentalist and an illusionist'. Stay aware, people.

  12. JW TV hi Stephen exactly what you said if they telling us now they've already done it and are doing it what do you think about that that Q thing everybody's talking about on the message boards I think that he put out some decent information but I think it's part of a sigh up and there certain people that on YouTube that are continually putting out his information and you know they don't make a whole lot of money on it you know for yourself from making the videos how are they affording to put out all these videos all day long I think they're getting paid from the ndaa bill that Barack Obama signed before he got out of office about the counting information and it seems like if you try to tell anybody about the cute thing they act like you're anti-American and it's like a cult we have to stand up and tell people it's okay to watch them but don't act like they're credible source it's a distraction they're keeping us busy so they can push through all these gun bills and take away our weapons because the UN cat go through with Agenda 21 and agenda 2030 but that's happening are whipping it just not possible because there's two and a half weapons for every American person on the soil just here but there will be coming a time when the un will come to take weapon. Then us as americans will have to make a choice say no or give them the weapon and wait for fema to come take us to camp and await the "smart guiletiens. IF ANYONE THINKS DIFFERENT READ UN AGENDA 21 +2030 Ronald Reagan sign this will be a culling for not only american but the humanity. The globalist even told us and put it in stone like the 10 comanment however they are the LAWS OF LUCIFER THE FIRSTS MANTAIN WORLD POPULATION AT 500MILLION OR LESS do the math ill do it for you 9/10 people will be killed.

    The un has stated they will do this by any means necessary, WAR, FAMINE DIESEASE , or what ever is necessary. My sugestion to anyone reading this is to start raising awareness to everyone especiall anyone who is against the 2nd amendment. Every other population on planet is already disarmed so we are keeping all of humanity safe at moment. we need to vote out all communist in our government. we need to let every local and state official know that we are all in danger and this WILL NOT BE TOLLERATED. #wedonotconcent because the only ones that will be permited to be slaves will be ones who warship satan and cannible pedophiles. If you dont belive in God or jesus or dont believe in anything you are still at risk along with your kids. get the word out start speaking at local and state facilaties call congress organize marches at congress. Stand tall and speak LOUD. DONT BE AFRAID. IF GOD IS WITH US WHO CAN STAND TO BE AGAINST US. They are brain washing our kids so they need to be woken up because that has been silient weapon to bring our country down because when it is thier turn to come into power they wont know their ass from thier elbo they are so confused and lost. they werent brought up to love freedom they think its just there they arent being taught how we became free they dont really know how these communist government realy are to live in and how they work keep people impoverished and as slaves and this is how it will be if we dont stand and let this continue. if you have kids please let them know we had to fight to take our freedom from england, and we will have to fight to keep . we can no sleep and lay down or you will wake up with chains



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