24 Replies to “ADOLF HITLER was a Devoted Roman Catholic Jesuit Temporal Co-adjutor”

  1. SMH at the people who actually believe this garbage, Hitler was anti-Catholic and did not allow Catholic priests in his army. Hitler also had all crucifixes removed from the schools.

    To any good will person who actual wants the the truth regarding Hitler, see the short video on youtube called:

    Hitler's False "Christianity"

    uploader is Fatima Sacrifice

  2. 1:22 PM 4/6/2014

    You figure that after people found out Im a descendant of Jesus Christ that I would help these people like what they did with Adolf Hitler right?

    I gave these people more freedom.  If anything I should goto the nearest church every Sunday and stand at the podium preaching the lords word… the Gospel… using it to fit USAs needs to get people to do stuff for me and the best of the USA.

    God Bless America

  3. 1:19 PM 4/6/2014

    There was so many German Nazi Parties I don't remember them.

    That's basically the Thule Cult Society too.  WE DO THIS IN THE USA WITH RELIGION.  Actually its Christianity.  We use Christianity in the USA the same way Nazi Germany used that whole social gathering (Nazi Party) to bring people together to attack others.  It was a network of people like how the church is in the USA.  Common fucking sense.

    United States of America is the new Nazi Germany.


  4. 1:12 PM 4/6/2014

    Im not watching this shit.  Oh wow… look how I turned out!!!

    I have nothing against the Vatican okay?  Yes I kinda put it together myself.  No one will understand in society that lives in ignorance.

    Description: hitler was a vatican puppet…he was also a member of the thule society and also worked with the vril society….both occult organization involved in witchcraft and black magick, these beliefs came directly out of babylon and ancient Egypt

    I wont say he was a Vatican puppet, but yes he was a puppet for SOMEONE at the top.

  5. hitler killed everryone….people die in war…especially world wars…it was the irish i believe that tried working with the nazis…however they couldnt get their shit together so they were used….cant disagree you got to be a cunt about it….

  6. I Am Jew and Catholics plundered me they used the USA Justice System to do it ! People Sing/Rap to and About Me All Over This Planet<Exactly What The Lord God of Israel Proclaims He Causes to Happen For HIS Servanr/Prophet<some songs on my feed and Likes on my channel,The catholic church thretoned me with the cops and had them to arrest Beat and Torture me,Jailer Sings about it Youtube Fixkes Superheld , He Sings about it He Took The Video from the jail To Germany,YouTube Superheld Rob&Chris

  7. And the evil Nazis just want a homeland free of Communism, Trillions for Israel, More War, Outlaw Abortion, Usury & Fiat debt money, Feminism, Porn & Media degeneracy.

    Such evil people.

    'Fascism is incompatible with Communism'

  8. I would never give any of your stuff a thumbs down brother, I do believe the vatican done nothing to stop Hitler and were more intrested in self preservation . The stuff about his alleged death I have an open mind about.

  9. yo…well they never found his body…they say they had a piece of his skull but it ended up belonging to a women….theres really no way to be sure…but the whole new world order is 100% accurate…its just his death that is in question

  10. check out the vid on my feed…near bottom…rise of the 4th riech…crazy shit…your right, i think hitler lived in south america …2 days before his suposed suicide his personal pilot landed in berlin…then 2 people left…i think they killed eva braun then a body double…he married her then killed her to strengthen the doubles cover… hitler was deffinatly a puppet no doubt…check out that video

  11. this prove Hitler was a puppet from the day he was born…
    i bet he lived along life he was good Bitch… got them to where they are.. in the present day:( thanks for the internet we can see you:(O) for what you are "Dirty pigs") You're time is short the world is waking up to you're evil..

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