Alan Lamont – Pope Francis, The Jesuit Black Pope, My Revelation


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  1. Jesuit Theater at the box office. Jesuit Music. Control our mind set, how we perceive each other and the world. Perception deception. Jesuits can't change history but they can change how its told. Our society has been corrupted through movies, web, TV, our women are programmed to shorten skirts, lower necklines, cake on make-up, pile on the jewelry. Just look at soap operas with the wives/husbands cheating, fighting. Our minds have been violated and corrupted with filth and poison by satanic psychopaths.

  2. How plausible is it that the 8th king of the Beast, who the bible says is also of the seven, who goes into perdition from the foundation of the world, is also Satan. In other words, we know from from the bible that fallen angels ie demons can possess people from the story of when Christ met the two possessed men at Gergesenes. I am contending that Pope Francis is not only the AntiChrist, man of sin little horn power that speaketh as a man whose number adds up to 666 in Hebrew, Latin and Greek but that he is the black and white Pope AND possessed of Satan all in one man!

    Don't forget when Jesuit Pope Francis was elected the Vatican was struck three times by lightning just hours after he was elected!) and what Malachi Martin admitted they have done in the Vatican – that Lucifer have, has and is being venerated at the Vatican. Don't forget the Easter Vigil song to Lucifer at the Vatican this year so cleverly sung in Latin so as to try and conceal who they truly worship. Don't forget that Vatican actually means divine serpent! And that Catholicism is esoterically Luciferianism where Jesus is nailed to a cross and derided for their worship of Satan as Alice A Bailey admit that the Virgin Mary who they insist deserved worship and veneration over Christ is actually the female anthropomorphization of Satan himself! And that Catholicism honours Satan on Sunday – the day of the sun – the false sabbath where in times past they offered their children as sacrifices to the sun gods of IHS ISIS Horus and Seb and Molek which the Jesuits still do to this very day in the Groves of California – the Jesuit owned and run Bohemian Grove. That Catholics are forbidden the word of God and actually believe Christ can be created by a sinful man a priest where upon they promptly consume his flesh and blood making themselves all willing canabals of the Most High and at the same time deriding Christ's work at the Cross. Bailey and others admit that regardless of what or who you worship on Sunday, you are giving your reverence to Satan! Why? Because the Sabbath God chose the seventh day of the week as a memorial to His creation. Ie the 4th commandment to keep the sabbath holy. Let's not forget Revelation 13,2 where Christ through John tells us directly that the Beast (the RC church) receives its power, seat and great authority from the Dragon – the Devil/Satan/Lucifer himself! Not only that but everywhere Francis goes it seems he brings death and destruction with him (you can look into the tornadoes and other 'inconvenient' mishaps that coincide with his arrival abroad. Coincidence? Hardly.) I could go on and on but you get the idea. 🙂

    God bless you!

  3. I agree with your assessment that we have seen a subtle power shift in the Vatican.  At least in the present, the bulk of the power has fallen into the hands of one man.  This could very well be an indicator of the progress of preparations toward a one world government.  Will the pendulum swing back the other way as has happened on past occurrences? Possibly, however massive resources are being directed toward global governance.  It seems that events will likely accelerate toward that event foretold in prophecy.

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