Alan Lamont – The Jesuit Priesthood Of Lucifer

Alan Lamont – The Jesuit Priesthood Of Lucifer


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  1. One way you know for sure the Jesuits are the priesthood of Lucifer is their supremacy supernatural hive mind and intellect cunning like the serpent subversive all powerful all knowing and infiltrators of everything in regards to human life. I'm pretty sure the wrote the art of war because when you look at that book it was first translated by a Jesuitical swine plus they been influencing china for time. They truly are the hidden hand the serge of humanity a stumbling block and gateway to hell and poor Catholics are trapped in the rites and rituals. But if they were beaten and banned once before I'm sure it will be Gods will for it to happen again. That's whuly its important to understand them unveil all the hidden things and suppressed history. The used the UK for a long time now though the royal orders the Rosicrucians and masonry. They talk about enlightenment but want to send us all back to the dark ages. Even Hitler hated the Jesuits as he went rouge and uncontrollable the plan went off Corse. He hated Franco called him a Jesuitical little swine.😊

  2. Allregarding jesuits, is the most evil ever to imagine. Some times I marvel, about this despicable act about children.. and this universe is just watching this… for some reason, believe this NWO will not go smoothly.People will talk and appeal this order, trials followed, certainly prophecy will take place, yet again i believe they will be devoured. It is written, and printed in my and other believers hearts. Now just before the new election, only God knows who will be the president, that will create many changes. Know that the whole jesuits intention to change the world to comunism. That will not be succesful in many places.Surely many will be persecuted even killed. Somehow as a simple person, forsee the prophecy as was thought in my life.Therefore my mind goes to the ultimate outcome,of Lord Jesus, victory. It gives me a sence of calmness. Hope to stand strong, as that is the focus of my faith. To come boldly before Christ, laying my life to Him only. Knowing also how my previous prayers were answered against all odds, because the sanctuary,s eyes are upon this development off the Tribulation. Our Lord will guide us, in misterious ways.As always I love the way you present the gospel, the way Jesus would want it from all, especialy his flock.What i feel stronger then ever, probation is getting closer and closer to end. There will be no more salvation after this. Can not imagine how the muslim world with their traditions, to bow to images. Hardly. Presently they destroy all statues with idols. This is the part still don,t understand fully. Altough prophecy explains that as well. Wish you and yours the best, Protection and all to come .Amen.

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