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  1. The Jesuits are behind all the antichrist.Rome rules all countries through knighthoods.Adolf Hitler was brought in power by pope pius xii signed the Reichconcordat.Hitler achieved the takeover of Israel for the Vatican.Hitler was a Rothschilds Hegelian dialect Nazism created Zionism.Jesuits father stampfle wrote mein kampf and madame Blavasky swastika & Canaanite bloodlines of Khazars or Aryan race sons of fallen angels genesis 6.Many jews were Nazis ashkeNAZIS

  2. Maria Monk, a nun who wrote about murder,rape,and torture in a Catholic nunnery in 1836, The Awful Disclosures , also on youtube is Sister Charlotte, a nun tells her story of torture and escape, horrific story. Catholic mithraizm. Mithra. Popes title is- Vicarius Filli Dei=666. Watch Man Behind the Mask by Walter Veith!! Jesuit Pope Francis still wears black robe under the white. The antichrist kingdom is rising. Thanks for truth in your video, I'll look for more. God Bless

  3. In 1521 a 30-year-old Spanish aristocrat and soldier, Ignatius of Loyola, is defending the citadel of Pamplona against a French attack. A cannonball breaks his right leg. Recuperating in the ancestral castle at Loyola, he finds himself without his favourite type of reading – heroic romances. Instead the castle has a volume on the lives of the saints. Reading it, he warms to another sort of heroism.  http://historyworld.net/wrldhis/PlainTextHistoriesResponsive.asp?historyid=ab30

  4. To Bessica Yowell…..To read this oath, let me tell you friend,This is a purposeful Fear inplant by Satan himself. One may easily gets scared, after reading these, the inhuman cruelty by this luciferian organization. Let me just say this:"God is our savior at least is for me, and believe so deeply in Lord Jesus, that have no fear. Those hands who torured millions upon millions, this time around will not prevail. God is with us, Who can be against us? Lets just pray and stand strong. Destruction is coming upon them. It is written… Satan has done enough, but continues to do so…until that big Day when he will be trown into the bottomless pit.Sadly many will bow out of fear.Our weapon is Lord Jesus our savior. He will deliver his flock.Lets pray together in one accord to God, to take the power away from evil. Ask Jesus, and they will be devoured by his holliness. Amen.

  5. How much lie is in this catholic satanic doctrine. About 2 years ago I have meat a lady of my congregation who was a catholic. And more later followed. They woke up hearing the true gospel, and never forget my happiness.Yes the truth will prevail. Because we know and believe we shall not be afraid.To preach the true gospel to all. Maybe have said to you yhis before, for your honest and bold faith :"Great will be your reward in Heaven. The holly spirit is surrounding you, Wish that a friend, will not use his name for now, would be not so undecided and hypocrite. It is evident, he is fearful, because he critisizing the holly scripture, nonstop. Hope this person, and many others will wake up.For salvation to eternal life.
    Again Thank you.

  6. The Jesuits are from hell. They are ruthless. They have no mercy. They are preparing the next satanic inquisition in the U.S. and the rest of the world. God help us!!! Wake up people!!! you have been warned!!! The only hope is Jesus Christ. ( John 14:6.)

  7. Hitler himself stated, "I learned much from the Order of the Jesuits. Until now, there has never been anything more grandiose, on the earth, than the hierarchical organization of the Catholic church. I transferred much of this organization into my own party."

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