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  1. The seventh Day Adventist are one of the most bizarre cults in the world. Why do you all try and enjoy life instead of worrying about figuring out when the world is going to end! Every one I ever met in this cult claims the world is going to end next week because of something they read in the mainstream media. This video is a joke

  2. Funny how all religions expose each other…I will never go into any building be it a synagogue or church…Christ is not a religion…people need to get this…I went to a seventh day advent church…charismatic christian churches…catholic…anglican….blah blah blah…they are all the same…why don't preachers teach about Genesis Chapter 6 kjv…
    when giants were in the earth??? Millions of dollars to build all these churches that nobody goes to???? Homeless people and hungry people out on the streets??? Something isn't right don't you think…

  3. All occult religious groups are taught how to infiltrate the true Bible believing churches. The Catholic Church is a system of idolatry and black magic which is accomplished by powerful demonic forces. The problem I have with the Seventh Day Adventist Church is they are focused on battling flesh and blood and not on the dark spiritual forces of Satan and his demons. In the midst of their battles they are teaching doctrines that are not Biblical. Jesus Christ gave me a dream vision of the rapture 43 years ago. Jesus Christ rose from the grave on the 1st day of the week and that is why Sunday is the Sabbath; but Jesus Christ says is alright to worship on Saturday if that is what you want to. The Seventh Day Adventist beat a dead horse carrying on about Saturday, the Catholics, the rapture, and denying the clear teaching by Jesus Christ on the reality of hell! May God help us all to seek the Lord. I pray God will give His people much humble discernment.

  4. 1:41 …wow. don't know when this film was made but this is happening! Our Constitutionla rights are being stripped as we speak. Free speech is being policed in the US and just this week new, disturbing provisions of the NDAA were signed just a few days before Xmas when most people were distracted.

  5. Gary Metz, the main detractor of Alberto Rivera is a liar and I believe he was CIA. I show why I believe this here: http://spirituallysmart.com/metz.html
    When Alberto Rivera was alive (he died in 1997) he called into a radio program and confronted Gary Metz. Gary Metz failed to EVER provide any document proving his allegations against Alberto Rivera. The link to this new video is here: https://www.facebook.com/SpirituallySmart/videos/1254447024626195/
    Gary Metz, Christianity Today founded by the Pope friendly Billy Graham printed a story alleging Alberto Rivera was never a Jesuit priest. They never proved anything. The story was a lie and anyone who believes it are flaky Catholic apologists who refuse to look at the reality that they are in the largest bloodiest political CULT that ever existed. See more proof that Alberto Rivera was for real here: http://spirituallysmart.com/alberto.html

  6. You do not need to be a catholic to believe in JHWH true his son Jesus. You can read the Bible in private, pray towards JHWH for yourself and others in private, you can live by the ten commandments without disturbing others. Many catholic are afraid that only they are christians nothing is more wrong. Jesus doesn't had the wealth the vatican has, never wore a tiara or golden objects, he gave his life to save us. The contrast between what Jesus told us to do in JHWH'S name and what others including this jesuit pope ask is like black and white, like day and night.

  7. If you know that it is part of their oath to infiltrate every organisation, even religious ones like you also hear in this testimonials than you understand the underlying meaning of this pope francis , who is also a jesuit, when he meets other religious leaders from different religions to unite as if we all belief to honor the one and only true god. This is unpossible and can only be blasphemous towards the one true JHWH. One can not serve JHWH while serving others like allah, buddha etc. This must be the work of the devil who works in hidden ways.

  8. Again, people have a fascination with the Roman Catholic Jesuits, they'll tell you everything about them, except what God commands every to expose, which is their false gospel of works, which leads the hearer to the lake of fire.. Of course there are many Jesuits who pretend to expose themselves, they'll tell you everything accept the true gospel of Christ as they slip in a false gospel of Roman Catholic works to lead you astray, just enough poison to lead to the lake of fire.

  9. there is a book by i think priest malachi martin , that states that islam and the seventh day adventist religions were formed by the jesuits. which does make since if you look at both those false religions, i mean ellen white the great mistake, GOD says in Deuteronomy 18:22, that when they prophecy , and it does not come to pass then that is a false prophet, and white was wrong on several prophecies ,

  10. Are any of you Catholics here denying that your Pope is a Jesuit? You can not because he is. He is also a false teacher, telling the world that Jesus Christ is not the only way to the Father.. Jesus himself said, "I am the way the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father but by me". The Word of the Father says, there is no other name under heaven by which man can be saved. It is not religious belief or practice that saves men, it is the precious blood of Jesus shed in our place that the Father accepts as the propitiation for the sins of the world. Christ Jesus is the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world and all we can do of ourselves is believe on Him. The Pope is lying to all peoples.

  11. TELL A RUMOR, for all anyone knows that it is 'The Soc. of Jesus', "Jesuits' while valid evidence shows otherwise, other people, groups/departments., so is this a ploy to take the attention off of reality & point to a faction that is unseen instead, lol? What is accusations vs. knowledge, evidence, witnesses, easy to see, involvement of individuals one can see, along with the group they associate with.–this video has 'trained' actors/orators'. This one speaking now @28:45, "Hiram Dukes" sounds like the same actor on the 'fear video' about plastic coffins being stored off the road in Georgia…psy op/fear mongering, it is probably him playing another role. . .none of them are sincere, theatrical, make believe BS.

  12. Alberto Rivera was not a Roman Catholic priest, to say nothing of belonging to the Society of Jesus. In one of his writings he claimed to have been ordained at the age of 24 which is about right in the pre-Vatican II era. However, Rivera purported to be a Jesuit. No man is ever ordained a priest in the Order until he is at least 33. Rivera was once challenged on a talk show to explain certain rather basic Latin phrases. He was incapable. I do not speak Spanish, but people who do tell me the quality of this man's language is poorly educated. This is certainly not what we would expect of someone who had undergone a minimum of 12 years priestly formation in the most intensive academic environment imaginable. Rivera was an imposter and liar. Anyone having a serious interest in Rivera and his claims is encouraged to look into his background from 1964-1967, his life in New Jersey with a common law wife and the question of a child.

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