Alberto Rivera reveals Jesuit plan of taking over America

Ex-Jesuit, late Dr. Alberto Rivera reveals the Jesuits’ plan of taking over America and the world to establish an one-world-religion and an one-world-government of what John Paul II called the New World Order.


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  1. Watch out for the trolls that want to discredit Alberto. I grew up CC, named after a nun, and my father studied to be a Jesuit priest. I know well that what he says, from my knowledge of this evil, is indeed true. Many work hard to discredit him. But, you must ask why they work so hard to discredit. Their agenda is a one world religion, and he and what Alberto reveals helps you get out of the Matrix of lies, devil's deception and trickery of false Christianity rooted in Babylon.

  2. thats all a setup! he spoke about dicrediting those who leave the cathlic church to make them look like an enemy by making up lies like saying that he stole money from or that he was never a priest! do your fucking research you ignorant fuck!

  3. Not sure "man of peace?" part but I 'll try to answer. Years ago Nazi apologists called were claiming that 6 million Jews did not die during WWII.

    The first thing victims & survivors did was produce EVIDENCE. PROOF. Simple. Think like a lawyer. It's called being rational. This guy is a snake oil salesman, but because Chick, Tommy (the weasel) Richards & others like his act, he's got a forum.

    He'd be laughed out of court if he came around with that "I was a Jesuit fairy tale."

  4. if someone wrote that you were a fraud in a newspaper, 99% of the world would believe that it is true, although you arent because these secret societies know how the human mind works. They're not stupid! they're gonna try to discredit the person who speaking out so that nobody believes he's telling the truth. what better way to try and take over the world by making people think that you're a man of peace?

  5. JESUITS BOAST they have taken over ALL RELIGIONS see how they took over the METHODIST with help of TRAITOr HARRY F WARD

    We have a local Methodist church that displays JESUIT symbol and its says ST.PAUL Methodist church

  6. see 1,800 pages of EVIL Jesuits have done since 1540, Google JESUIT OATH pass out copies if you care for your FREEDOM

    Copy was entered into Congressional Record 62nd congress 3rd session

    on youtube see THE HISTORY OF THE JESUITS,

    they work for the CLUB OF ROME, they will DESTROY the Catholics and Masons when they Finish setting up NWO

  7. Interesting. Alberto Rivera was this amazingly trusted insider. He can tell u the deepest, darkest secrets of the Catholic conspiracy.

    Yet, there are no photos, no films, and no records of him in any of these many instances.

    Even FBI agents in deep cover, appear in photos with Mafia heads, drug kings,
    terrorists, but photo of him in a collar & an I.D. card.

    He didn't even speak Latin. How could that be?

    Google: A Letter on Alberto Rivera: Fraud or Failure

  8. @expertyejin Sorry, this is not true. The practice of burning incense comes from Heaven, not Satanism. Ever read Revelation? The angels in heaven are censing…same for the prayers of Cornelius, the first Gentile convert. We are told his alms rise before the Lord as incense…how would that be good unless incense had a positive role in worship? Read Malachi 1:11, a prophecy about Gentiles offering incense to the name of the Lord – Gentiles are New Covenant, not Old. Icons described in Gen 25-28!

  9. best keep SECRET in the World The JEWS started the JESUITS

    They always Discredit anyone who EXPOSES their EVIL Jews/Jesuits offered Ms Rivera up to $1,million to sign a statment Her Husband was Crazy

  10. maybe because hes bitter towards the catholic church for what they put him through…to get back at them….who knows what the truth is but i believe that more than likely the catholic church is corrupt…look at the inquisition…the catholics wanted to control people…so when they couldnt control people what would they do? they torture them or kill them…take this shit into dont have to agree with me but think about whats gone on in history.

  11. idk i think this is true..i mean think about what happen to JFK….this guy put his duty as an american president before his catholic faith.. he made this clear to the american people in a speech…almost right after he made that speech ..he got assassinated…and the catholic church might have inside people working for magazines, newspapers ect. to write lies about Alberto Rivera calling him a phony and a fraud and that he stole money just to cover their asses. or maybe alberto wrote lies……

  12. @antoniotexas no were jealouse cuz u get to worship a human being instead of God..we r jealous cuz you get to worship his mother before him..more so we are jealous of your satanic symbols that you have all over your cathedrals

  13. No one knows but God what the truth is, This man maybe just a crack pot comeing out to try to give the church a black eye, on these sort of issues i'm a doubting thomas thats the ONLY way One can have credibility, with out being flat out labled a hate monger. So prove to me this man and who he really is LOL

  14. @rusda2

    Not necessarily. The Pope is human. And like most humans he is prone to error especially since our ability to understand the laws of nature is very limited back then. I think it's also a more realistic interpretation that you Biblical literalists have come up with.

    As I said your interpretation is your own. Whether I'm Catholic has nothing to do with anything. You need to think for yourself man and stop believing in liars like Alberto Rivera.

  15. @rusda2

    No you only know what you read from bigoted websites you read from the internet. And yes it is up to you to proven since you're the one who brought it up. The burden of proof is on you. I realize religious zealots like you lack critical thinking skills but you need to think for yourself for once. This is the same reason why you guys fell for that Satanic ritual abuse hoax in the 80s.

  16. @TheAntiV looks like if the pope is really the Vicar of Christ as claimed, he would be able to get the science right since science was invented by the God whom he claims to represent eh? 🙂

    the pope is not equal to God in word or anything else, and he is certainly not Christs vicar, the title is reserved for the Holy Spirit.

    are you catholic? (for the 4th time).

    I am beginning to think I know who you are my socky account friend 🙂

  17. @TheAntiV I know the terms under which excathedra is claimed. for a pope to claim that the church is infallible and will never err, is indeed qualified for excathedra since it is a subject of faith and morals of the church. Was he speaking in a "personal" manner when he said the CHURCH would never err? was he referring to himself alone as the "church" and not including anyone else? no, he was referring to the church as a whole, other wise he would have said he himself would never err.

  18. @TheAntiV I know the history of the RCC, you it seems do not. Please do your own research. It is not up to me to prove it, because it is common history knowledge what the RCC did, everyone knows it, even catholics & the popes, but just like the people who deny the holocaust, they try to say it never happened to save face. It is up to you to DISPROVE history if you can, have fun with that. RCC teachings are the "crap", & RCC is famous for it's bigotry & hate. r u catholic?

  19. @rusda2

    This means that when the Pope is speaking on matters of science, he can make errors (as we have seen in the past with issues such as Heliocentricity). However, when he is teaching a matter of religion and the other two conditions above are met, Catholics consider that the decree is equal to the Word of God.

  20. @rusda2

    Roman Catholics believe that only under certain circumstances is the pope infallible (that is, he can not make a mistake). The Catholic Church defines three conditions under which the Pope is infallible:

    I. The Pope must be making a decree on matters of faith or morals
    II. The declaration must be binding on the whole Church
    III. The Pope must be speaking with the full authority of the Papacy, and not in a personal capacity.

  21. @rusda2

    No, I'm asking you to confirm it using evidence. Don't just make an exaggerated claim and not be expected to own up to the obligation of proving your accusations. And I have done research and so far it seems this whole RCC antichrist crap is nothing more than bigotry and religious fanaticism.

  22. @rusda2

    LOL!!! And your evidence that it was created by Jesuit priests is where? Did Jack Chick tell you that? Let me guess, you also believe that the Jesuits also encourage Dungeons & Dragons, Islam, and Paganism right?

    Oh I believe in the Bible alright. I just don't believe in your shallow and pitiful interpretation.

  23. @rusda2

    Listen, it's not simply the fact that you're criticizing the Catholic church. I could honestly care less if you do since it's you right to do so. Hell even I criticize the Vatican from time to time. However what I find ridiculous is how you are criticizing it. Your disagreement sounds more likes its based on religious fanaticism than some form of logic or rationalism. You need to grow up and learn that the Bible can be interpreted different by others.

  24. @TheAntiV take the bible seriously and dont worry about me.

    funny you catholics, if you are one, always have this cry baby attitude against anyone who is critical of you RCC…"ohh wahhh! the big bad protestant said a bad thing about my RCC, wimper moan …wahhhhh!"

    grow up man, everyone doesnt agree on everything. I will never accept RCC as the truth or even as a christian church because it is neither, thats my right. just like yours is to believe it's lies.

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