Alex Jones addresses the Jesuit question.

After a caller questioned Lord Moncktons sincerity on his Climate Change stance based on his Knighthood into the Knights of Malta, this was Alex’s response.


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  1. The Bible is clear as day in the book of Revelations the Catholic Church is the head of the NWO. It is in our face. Jones claiming he has come from Protestantism means nothing because there are sell outs or they are under cover…Jesuits are famous for infiltrating/espionage. I knew 10 years ago when I first started listning to Jones he was someone to be careful of. His message is only that of fear mongering. With all his knowledge of the NWO & mentioning of some biblical things like the Mark of the Beast. He never educates anyone the NWO, global cashless & surveillance society is prophesied in the Bible. Doesn't warn about not getting the Mark of the Beast or how not to get it (only way to be written in the Book of Life…To be re-born again) Doesn't mention that their is hope…our only hope is Jesus Christ
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  2. I've seen no proof of him being a Jesuit. Bill Cooper wasn't sure either as to who he takes orders from exactly. He could just be a worthless ignorant puppet. He might not know anything really. Or he could be a Jesuit. Bottom line is he is the enemy. He works to discredit all of us essentially. Controlled opposition.

  3. @Alex_Jones "Scientific systems of control" — you mean like Hitler when he said he would create his SS using the principles of the Jesuits?
    Or like the Israelis who "want people to turn against one another"?
    After which of those two groups did the CIA Shadow Government pattern themselves?
    Please update your comment on this statement.

  4. Jesuits are /ourguys/ dumdums. They are based on the Templars – Hitler was a Jesuit. They are red pilled and they are the guys we Want to back us up. They are not jews they are anti-jews, thats why they have to be a secret society.

  5. This clown mocks anyone looking at the Zionists, Freemasonry, Rosicricians, (his family), Knights of Malta, Jesuits, or the Vatican in general. Yeah, no criminal EL – ite there! Then he tells folks to side with one paradigm over the other and drag you dummies back into political bandage. You fools forget his own videos on how the left right paradigm is futile? You do when this pied piper leads you, even against his own words.

  6. Now that I have shown the historic link to how the Jesuits are Illuminati, let me show you your political choices. Sanders went to not just one, but two Jesuit universities. Trump is the same, yet claims Presbyterian. Hitlery also went to two Jesuit universities, AND has an open, bragging Jesuit mark of Kaine as a VP pick. You never had a choice and your slave vote won't be counted anyway. Your registration (Regis is king, who owns you and your car etc) means you agree to their rules and laws and are subject (a subject of the Crown, slaves) to them. Even Ron Paul was part of the plan to bring the disenfranchised back into the fold. He was in another Secret Societies fraternity, Cross and Crescent. If you folks don't learn about the Mystery Schools of Babylon, you are not awake and will always lose.

  7. Ignatius Loyola, now Sainted lol, was head of the Allumbrado, or Illuminati in Spain during the Inquisition. He went on his knees before the Pope and came out with a Papal Bull (written on a dried bull dick, not kidding) founding the Society of Jesus aka Jesuits. The Bull also left Loyola immune to all but the Pope himself. The Illuminati took over the already pagan Church. Jones, you cover for every branch of the Mystery Schools and are a fraud. I have surpassed William Cooper in some ways. Hide. I will expose you in public one day, where you ccan hang up, or cut off a mic, like the puss you are.

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