Alex Jones, the Knights of Malta, and the Jesuits

This is probably, by far, the most thorough and damning video anywhere proving that Alex Jones is an agent of the New World Order. This, along with my other videos, available at
serve as absolute proof that Alex Jones is a counter-intelligence agent and gatekeeper for the Vatican/New World Order.


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  1. Terrorism is fake, the war on drugs is fake, the holocaust was faked…our entire world is a program…we need to stop participating in their game. Without the pawns you can't have a game a chess. We all have to agree, something's not right…I say who cares how the towers came down, re-investigate because OBL and 19 Saudis did not have the capability of pulling 911 off…and I know who should be water boarded first. 

    Everything I read points to Zionism and the Rothschild banksters. 

  2. I have come across hard evidence Alex Jones is promoting the KOCH brothers agenda of NO economic rights for ordinary Americans while wrapping it in the name of FIGHTING TYRANNY. The KOCHS appear to be affiliated with the KNIGHTS OF MALTA.. Checkout the foundations the Kochs fund and cross reference , you find Alex has had them on as guests who are FIGHTING TYRANNY

  3. Great stuff. It became really obvious to me that Jones is working for the dark side when he refused (and still refuses) to acknowledge the evidence based research by Dr. Judy Wood regarding 9/11. 

  4. He also never mention Israel and their influence and manipulation of America and the world. Israel's Mossad was a big player in the 911 attacks , but Alex Jones and Jason Burmas always defend Israel and the Zionist Jews. That's a dead give away right there!

  5. we dont need no leader. we dont need no stalin, hitler or obama. what we need is responsibility.

    millions of people watch videos like yours every day. they know or can imagine what is going on and still these people go right back to their iphones and tvs as soon as your video reaches its end mark.

    i know its hard to abort the urge to help but we must accept that there are alot of people who dont have no interest in takeing responsibility. thats why they vote for someone else to rule them.

  6. Here's I think the SINGLE MOST truth that has been said on the Alex Jones Show… it was his guest Michael Braverman, producer of Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory show. It's the show about "water", the show itself DO NOT talk about the Knight of Malta connection through the Saint-Lazare Foundation, they removed it from the show, but the guy actually reveals it on AJ's show.
    AJ quickly change the subject after Mr. Braverman makes his point.
    here. at 7:00.

  7. Walter Veith denies there is a lake of fire. He teaches from the NIV primarily which everyone should know is completely corrupt. I asked him about that and have noticed that in his most recent videos he does tell you he's quoting from the NIV, however, when a teacher sounds believable and convincing and points to the NIV as his source of truth it will send people, ultimately, down the wrong path. Spiritually smart is a great channel. Excellent vids there. Should download and copy them all.

  8. I don't trust the people that go on his show either. Chris White I liked but he's pointing to Israel as the great whore of babylon. I have no doubt that the higher ups in Israel are in on it but the biblical references to Rome are clear. Lord Monkton is also a fraud but anyone that would call thatcher a "fine lady" has got to be an insider. Goldbug has done many videos on some of these people even wearing disguises. Once you see it for yourself it becomes obvious. Discernment people!

  9. I had noticed some high mindcontrol techniques on the show …sometimes i think alex is under the control of a handler/programmer. I remember a guest, Lindsey Williams, wanted to talk about a secret program 'BLACK MESSIAH' he kept saying, and Alex would cleverly and 'honestly' sidetrack him immediately and say 'wait, we need to take a break, and then you get all the time…' … but I never hear Lindsey say what 'BLACK MESSIAH' was about …

  10. Quite a good video here, I've had my suspicions about him also.
    Could you work on the volume in this video though, seriously listen to it yourself there are parts that even with my volume on full are too quiet to hear. Thanks.

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