Hear a candid interview with one of the foremost conspiracy experts, author Eric Jon Phelps.
Brother Eric’s determination to uncover the truth is unsurpassed and his book, “Vatican Assassins- wounded in the house of my friends.” is the only history book you’ll ever need.
That is if you’re interested in TRUE history and not the watered down version they’re teaching your kids in school this morning.
To really understand the New World Order, the plans for mankind and the future of America you must first start with history.
History repeats itself and is written by those who are victorious in battle and THAT is why everything we’ve been taught is a lie.
Please, by all means do your own research and prove him wrong and prove me wrong…
I challenge you to a contest to determine true facts and plans for this country, for you and more importantly for your children and the future generations of the world. Everything is riding on this. It is up to you and me, there is no one behind you to do it, so give it a shot. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by listening, so step left and erase everything you’ve ever been taught and consider the facts compared to what you always thought were the facts.

more info: http://www.vaticanassassins.org/

video from: http://www.youtube.com/user/tarheeltim32
Part 2 – Freemasonry

Eric Jon Phelps talks about Scottish Rite Freemasonry and it’s influence on this country and a who’s who look into the truth of this country’s REAL history.
Part 3 – American Revolution

World renown conspiracy and Vatican expert Eric Phelps gives his results of over 25 years of research into the Jesuits, their influence on the American Revolution through freemasonry, the United States government and other tactics of espionage and infiltration.
Part 4 – Freedom
Part 5 – New Age & Dark Ages

Eric’s look into the “New Age” movement and how the vatican, through Freemasonry is steering the U.S. and the rest of the world alike, into the “Dark Ages” once again.
Part 6 – The Vatican’s American civil war and the history of the KKK in America.
Part 7 – Averting the Race War

Eric Phelps interview continues as he discusses the “Pope’s Mulattos” and how they’re used to further ruin the black race in America by selling them out to the evil white men that run them.
Part 8 – Racial Manipulation

From Mexico to Italy, the Vatican her claws in every country in the world, influencing the youth and crippling the countries into submission with use of it’s own people.
Part 9 – Biblical Racism vs Political Correctness

The interview with Eric Phelps continues as he explains the differences between what is politically correct compared to Biblical racism.
What is Biblical racism?
Why did God separate us and compound and divide us with languages?
Interesting answers to some critical questions that you may not have ever considered.
Part 10 – Fear, Drugs & Gun Control

The interview with Eric Phelps finishes as he continue to explain the divisions created by hateful racism, fear, drugs and gangs to con the protestant nations into gun control laws.


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