All Seeing Eye of The Holy See


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  1. This is leaving out a key elemental. Switzerland. The country that has operated unmolested for quite a long time due to an easily refutable claim of acting in a neutral manner and capacity in the affairs of the world. What's hard to make sense of isn't the neutral status the country claims, but the fact that this claim is recognized and honored by the rest of the world. When you see the lengths to which opposing forces went during WW2 to avoid ruffling Switzerland's feathers, and the losses sustained by both Allied and Axis powers because of this, it truly begs questioning what the hell is so damn special about Switzerland? The square flag? Swiss Banks? Army Knives? Watches? Maybe it has something to do with all the international bodies like the Universal Postal Union and the Bank of International Settlements located there? But how did Switzerland end up being the place all these organizations set-up shop?

  2. they put in flags to claim but r only stones in the WAY. ∆, 33 vertebrae etc… are GOOD but if claimed by evil righteous could potentially be detoured from Truths that were always meant to be common knowledge from which to build.

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