America magazine interviews Franklin Graham

The often controversial evangelical leader Franklin Graham speaks to Father Matt Malone about his new documentary and the Gospel’s mandate to care for the poor and refugees. Read the story behind the interview here:


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  1. The one thing I admire about Mormons and Protestants is that they really do evangelize and risk their lives out in the world for their faith. My archbishop lives in a 6 bedroom mansion and when Catholic leaders are slothful you can't expect their followers to live by faith neither.

  2. These Jesuits, under Father James Martins, SJ, are pro-izlam Communists – just like the POOPe! Franklin Graham is a true Christian. Incidentally, I am a Catholic and very saddened at what I see coming from the Church, under Francis. One day, they will ALL answer to Almighty God. I am 71 years old, and, for the first time in my life, am speaking out against a Pope.

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