America Needs Catholic Doctrines.Jesuit Cardinals Are Spies.Not All Messengers Have The Message

Paul Ryan: America Needs Catholicism & Its Social Doctrines. Jesuit Cardinals Are Spies. Not All Messengers Have The Message


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  1. What will it take to wake up a sleeping church? If only messages like this was preached, maybe some would realize what’s going on ! I don’t believe that the fear of God is in many. Dear Lord wake us up!!

  2. Nothing less than a profound personal experience with God would have brought me back to Him after spending most of my life away from Him, something I agree is missing with most SDA's. Also learned is that when speaking of spreading the Gospel, if one reads Matthew 24:13, 14, it is not THE Gospel that is to be preached, but THIS Gospel, the end-time Gospel as it pertains to Matthew 24, Revelation, and present truth and the times we are living in now. This is another area where SDA's are misleading, and have fallen into spreading a feel-good gospel like that preached by evangelicals; to fit in and not offend. I also believe our testing involves a lot more than the Sabbath/Sabbath keeping. Rather, we are tested over our lifetimes until the end of time and/or the end of our lives about all Bible truth, including the Sabbath.

  3. You can accept the truth with your mind and will, but if you do not have a heart transformation by God's Spirit you are still lifeless and ineffective to do God's work. The Inward Witness is just as important as knowledge of the truth when bringing the gospel message to others.

  4. Thank you for explaining that it isn't enough to proclaim the dry truth, you must be anointed with the unction of the Holy Spirit and sent of God, in order to be His effective messenger. Jesus said, "Without Me, you can do nothing."

  5. ..And they appointed Barry Black as Senate chaplain JUST so a SOJ could be also placed on a major floor of govt. This way no one could cry 'foul'. Mr Black has already promoted RC values and doctrines prior to that, so NOW they've actually got 2 !

  6. Soon the sealing of the 144,000 will be finished. Soon a great earthquake will signal the 7 Trumpet Plagues, Yahusha will come to rescue His bride, and the 7 Last Plagues will be poured out on those who have rejected salvation. Get ready and Be Ready, shalom.

  7. The Remnant church is being formed . The GC is no longer SDA but Catholic and together with Florida Hospital remove the name of SDA because they are no longer giving nor living our message. Praise God some one is concerned the whole God's church does not sleep until it is too late. There is hope for the Five Wise Virgins-praise God.

  8. You are truly our Present Truth Pastor every sermon l listen to l am more convinced. You show is in the bible line upon line precepts upon precepts here a little there a little. Continue feeding God flock l am so bless that God raise you up in this time to call us out of babylon we are living in the last days. Another Powerful Sermon God bless you and your wife in Jesus name

  9. The two desolations. Paganism and Paplism. Restore the old waste places. Paganism=the righteousness by faith in verity. And Papalism=the true sabbath. These two “MUST” be restored, then Christ will come. Bless!!

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