An excellent must watch video showing the works and machinations of the Jesuit Order and their control of world finance, of world politics, and every aspect of our lives by the implementation of war and terror, and all other means of coercion which lay at their disposal.
It summarizes some of the means which they have used successfully in recent times to achieve their goal, the next stage of which, is the establishment of a One World Government in which the Pope will be the King, and authority over all nations.
This is an excellent production and takes the viewer on a journey whereby they can see very succinctly the efforts of this diabolical order, and some of the methods which they have used to achieve their end purpose.


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  1. Catholicism is a pagan religion. It is the whore of babylon in Revelation, the papacy is the beast, and the pope the little horn/antichrist/Idol shepard depending on which prophetic book. The Bible is 100% truth in its original text, men change and manipulate it. The reformation was about people finding this out because they now had access to the written bible.

    The Tribulation is pointed out as this. It is not 3.5 years Earth years this is Jesuit Futurism Left Behind fan fiction. Ezekiel prophetic 1day = 1 year. 3.5 prophetic years = 1260 earth years Antichrist [Popes] will be the greatest persecution; we see in history this persecution being from 538 ad to 1798 ad. Rome destroyed the temple of YHVH and tried to rebuild its own temple in Rome and call it Godly it is an abomination. Antichrist sits in his temple and claims to be God.
    It does not refer to one thing specific but the entire changing of what is considered Godly which all began with the temple destruction in 70 ad, building pagan building over it in 135 ad, starting in 325 Rome rewriting Christianity at Nicea and then in 538 Justinian naming the Bishop of Rome king of the papacy which is the little horn.

    The papal-catholic inquisition period where 50+ million Bible Christians were killed and more tortured, flee and imprisoned. Early and Late Byzantine Inquisitions, Albigenses, Waldenses, Heugonots, Hussites, Inquisitions in Spain, Portugal, Italian states, Crusades, Reformation persecution, 30 years War and on and on…persecutions for bible translations and reading the bible, Jesuit instigated Napoleonic Wars, WW1, WW2 , Bolshevik Communism Atheism all from Rome and her agents.
    Theft = Collection, Money for masses, Pick pocket purgatory, sale of indulgences. Idolatry = Mary & Saints Idols Golden Cups and Wafers. Sorceries = Bleeding and Crying Statues, Apparitions, Excorcisms. Murders= Inquisition, Crusader Wars, Reformation wars persecution.

    During the 1260 years the Papacy reigned supreme, any one that did not pledge loyalty to Rome and its church was not allowed to engage in trade. This is what the prophecy of not buying or selling refers to. "Protestants" were not allowed to own property or engage in commerce, their very existence was illegal. This started to change with the reformation and its wars and ended after the french revolution with the rise of Liberal idea such as Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen as well as the Declaration of Independence. Not Jesuit microchip futurism.

    The False Prophet of Revelation is Islam, the Mohammadan Religion. As it was started by Mohammad, a false prophet that started a pagan moon god religion in 622 AD, which was prophesied in the 5th trumpet of revelation. God used it as judgement on pagan Catholic Europe for persecution of Bible Christians. Rome pretends to be Christian but is Pagan. The Kaaba stone is representative of the moon god Allah. Muslims reject the bible as divine inspired texts. The Koran is not written with divine inspiration. The rise of Islam and the caliphates are prophesied in the Bible in Revelation 9. Mohammad spoke to Abaddon, the destroyer demon, not Gabriel.Bibleortradition Revelation Series for much more.

    The Bible is the truth. The Koran is a pagan Ishmaelite corruption.Jesus of Nazareth is God's son, the Messiah, not some Islamic prophet. He died on the cross, an atoning sacrifice (Leviticus ‪17:11), and rose to life 3 days later; he did not fall unconscious. There is no pagan immortal soul.

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