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  1. If the present Pope will be the False Prophet of Antichrist, looking at his age and health, this means that Antichrist is about to be revealed soon, and then we'll be out of here. The best thing to do for Christ at this point in time is to strengthen relationship with Him ; pray to the Father to send harvesters to unsaved pple ; be one of harvesters by witnessing for Christ to any unsaved pple u come across

  2. The Roman man made religion is man made not from GOD mine anyways !!! You can not worship Marry of the bible here either !!!! Satan is going to do his work here in peoples lives to catholics are one of them !! I know one catholic that does not even read his bible to know it at all here too to know all the facts of the bible !!

  3. These sex crimes have been going on and covered up for 100"s if not 1000"s of years since the beginning of Rome taking over the True Christan church. Along with many other crime's. From the beginning theft of Peter being the first Pope and was not! The Catholic Church is founded on lies, from the beginning. Pure evil! If a Christan follows any doctrine of the Catholic Church, and the changes they've done that being.. God's law, statutes, or commandments. example bowing to idols, worshipping on the sun god day and NOT keeping God's Sabbath day, changes to his word, to worshipping pegan holiday"s ECT… Are decieved. (Ask yourselves who am I truly following God's word and his will or man's/ the Catholic Church's.. Read and show yourselves approved. Come out of her MY PEOPLE!!! All praises to the Most High God Ahayah Asher Ahayah meaning. ( I Am that I Am) Exodus 3:14 in the name of Christ Yashaya meaning My Saviour Matthew I 21 KJV check the footnote. Blessings to you all! Shalom.

  4. EXODUS 31:12-18
    KEEPING SABBATHS OF NO WORK IS GOD'S SIGN HE IS OUR GOD. Correction is needed. Tell your teachers, employers and religious leaders. To be ONE we must do according to God's word.

    DANIEL 7:24-28. Saints of the Most High take away the dominion of popes and false teaching that "changed TIMES and LAWS" of our Creator.
    ACTS 3:18-21 RESTORE ALL SPOKEN BY ALL PROPHETS FROM BEGINNING, and the Father will send the Son.


    LEVITICUS 23: Other Sabbaths of no work and remembrance celebrations.

    LEVITICUS 26:Our Creator promises 4×7 curses for ignoring His wisdom UNTIL we turn back to His truths as written in the Bible.

  5. I watch on occasion and sift for bits of truth amid the constant high pressure sales that Bakker promotes. Is it possible to ratchet this down some?? I would support if he would put more substance out and allow the listener to actually want to give instead of being hounded for financial help for most of the show. Enough is enough. We don't have to buy every book off the press or hemp oil, and all the other trappings offered. We can actually give without something in return if you would focus on the message.Some shows have no message at all but sell products the whole show. Yeech…..

  6. The Vatican is under the influence and power of the Masonic Order who use the Jesuits to push this forward. The theologians who are well versed on the situation in The Vatican have tried to clean up and correct the course in the Papacy but the dark powers within are very dangerous and ruthless. The powers extend to wealthy families and significant players in Israel.

  7. A Prayer for Our Nation and Our President ~ Please Share

    Dear Lord, thank You, that You are still on the Throne and that prayer
    can still change things…I thank You for answered prayer and for
    appointing Donald J. Trump as the leader of Your people and this great
    nation… Thank You, Father, that We the People came out in droves and
    elected Donald J. Trump by a landslide, regardless of what their stolen
    popular vote says. There are those who would contest our votes, contest
    the Will of Your People…We will not allow them to steal our future.
    You unclean, globalist, satanic, baby killers and your evil cohorts
    won't be feathering your nests at our expense any more!…America has
    spoken loud and clear…CAN YOU HEAR US NOW???

    There will be no
    perfect leader until Jesus returns, we know that. Until then, true
    Christians and true patriotic Americans are grateful to you, Father, for
    giving us a brave and strong leader in our new President. I have never
    been more grateful and more humbled in my life…I have never voted
    before, I have never cared before, but I promise I will never fail to
    exercise that God given right again…I want to say thank You, Jesus,
    for hearing our cries and for helping us avoid the greatest tragedy this
    nation has ever faced, and that is the loss of our sovereignty and
    being handed over to the New World Order Global Government, and we know
    that is the antichrist beast system….I am so proud of my fellow
    Americans for seeing through the lies and doing the right thing, and
    that is turning to You, Lord…thank You, Father, for moving the hearts
    of the people toward You and toward truth and good.

    Good is
    making an open show of evil, but, we must and we will be vigilant, for
    we know it is not against flesh and blood that we fight, but against
    principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of
    this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. We also fight
    against an ignorant, intentionally dumbed down world that has left so
    many "unaware and compliant" and easily manipulated. God help us, send
    Your mighty warring Angels to our aid and use them to spoil, to confound
    the plans of these wicked that would sell an entire nation down the
    river, trip them in their own clever devices, cause their craft to
    wither in their hands, take their evil thoughts and ideas and turn them
    on their own selves. Like Nebuchadnezzar, turn their own mind against
    them until they are humble beasts of burden, grazing in the field, show
    them, make it clear to all the world that You are the Lord God Almighty
    and You are not mocked by these insulate, odorous demons from
    hell…show them that AMERICA IS STILL ONE NATION, UNDER GOD,
    INDIVISIBLE! Father, send them all to their cells, to await judgment,
    far away from the society that they work so hard to destroy…and
    forgive us, Lord, for being blindly led, for not seeking out the truth,
    for not investigating who they really are, but thank You, Father, for
    revealing the Truth to Your People, and thank You for the strength to
    stand in the face of adversity, to stand in this Day, having done all to

    We realize the danger has not passed and satan knows he
    has but a short time and he is lashing out in every direction and on
    every front, causing as much chaos and confusion as he can…We must all
    pray that minds and hearts continue to open to Jesus…Four, even eight
    years roll around real fast and the election in 2018 is just as
    important as 2016…They almost caught us unaware this time; we will
    watch, we won' t let that happen again; we will not become complacent
    and go back to sleep. We hold our new leader, President Donald J. Trump,
    up to You and ask for Your Divine and Supernatural protection over him
    and his family at all times, particularly now, when those that seek to
    harm him and our nation are so desperate…the criminals are being
    cornered like rats; they will lash out violently, desperately and

    I trust my God and my President and I trust
    that HE is working in and through him…We are told to pray for the
    leaders of our Nation…I must admit, the only prayer I ever prayed for
    traitor 44 and all his evil minions, was that the Lord
    cast the demons from our midst…unfortunately, he and they are still
    there, still in the background, weaving their web of deceit against our
    beloved President and the American People and our Country, our way of
    life…the Lord will capture and bind them in their own deceit…like
    Comey's testimony before the Senate hearing on June 8, 2016, and many others since, the Lord will use
    their own tongue and words to betray them all and bring down the
    stronghold of the wicked leaders in DC and all over the Nation,
    including the vile liberal federal judges that were appointed by traitor 44,
    and are fighting our President's every action…I bind them all and I
    cast these wicked down, and lift up good men and women judges that will
    put our nation and our constitution and our sovereignty and our People
    first…put America first!

    While the fourth estate liberal media
    is spinning it's wheels and screaming Russia, Russia, Russia…our
    President is quietly in the background busily doing the people's business
    and keeping promises he made in hope that when the left sees all the
    good he has done for our nation, thereby the world, they will come to
    reason and we will all have a kumbayah moment…I would love to think
    that will be true, but it never will be because peace and prosperity is
    not what the globalist want for America…they want us broken and
    destitute and on our knees to the New Word Order Globalist antichrist
    beast system and they want us forever sucking on the teat of the
    International bankers…Had Hillary won, we would already be in the death throws of a bloody civil
    war because 65,000,000 plus American Patriots would not let it go down like

    Lord, You said You would confound the plans of the wicked
    and lay the crooked path straight…and, Lord, for those who disparage
    our President because they say You would never appoint such a person, to
    them I say read the Word of God…time after time, the Lord has used
    imperfect men to achieve His end…Moses, Paul and David were all
    murderers…Paul murdered hundreds if not thousands of Christians, yet
    the Lord used them all in mighty ways…or, consider Cyrus, he was a
    pagan Persian King who God used to release the Israelites out of
    Babylonian captivity and even helped them to rebuild Jerusalem and the
    temple. …right now, our country needs a Chief Executive Officer and a
    born leader, not a Pastor…we have enough of those and most are evil
    wolves in sheep's clothing… to these naysayers, these Pharisees, I
    say, put your rocks back in your pockets, you have no place to judge
    this man and what God is using him to do…I thank You for this and in
    all things. Vengeance is Yours, Father, and soon, the wicked that mock
    You and our President and seek to destroy him and our America and our
    way of life, God said they shall have their reward…we must pray for
    President Trump every day, no ordinary man can withstand what he is up
    against without the supernatural strength and protection from our Lord.
    However, to truly change the plight of our nation and our own lives, we
    must do the hardest thing of all, we must pray for our enemies, pray
    that the Lord bless and keep them and change them and save their
    souls, and for those who don't repent and turn to our Lord, again, they
    will have their reward… in Jesus' Sweet Name I pray…Amen.

    Even so, come
    quickly, Lord Jesus…I had a wide awake, open vision of the Lord's
    return in 1976 when I was 13 years old. Thank you for taking time to
    view and share…the hour is late, the harvest is great, but the
    laborers are few…Maranatha!…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dt–TNZzsxc
    November 9, 2016

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