Analysis of The Silence of the Lambs

This is a short analysis of THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. It is part of a series of video-essays I am uploading for education purposes and is protected by the Fair Use part of the copyright law of the United States.
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  1. Was this for a class? Was the mark received about 75-85? Very well done although I must disagree with you on a few points and see a deeper meaning missed. Once again very well done thanks for the entertainment

  2. Interesting…I think you are flawed in the assumption that a woman is relegated to a passive state when made into an object of desire. Seems like misguided feminist theory to me. If a woman is made into an object of desire she maintains power so long as she can control access to that object. The body is desired, her mind trades against that body. What you see in horror films is a situation where the woman loses control over that access. Most horror films are metaphors for rape. The monster is always a metaphorical rapist. In silence of the lambs the director starts as a metaphorical rapist (he sends her to see lecter under false pretenses – he is the actual opponent trying to use her to get what he wants). Lecter is what is a called fake opponent ally – he is intelligence dialed up to its highest level, a level that will lead to incredible insight, but also insanity. He immediately starts to help the hero by explaining to her what is happening. Even his attacks are meant to guide and help her. The final resolution of the film is her shaking hands with the metaphorical rapist. They are now in a state of respect and he will not attack her as he had. Ultimately, the entire film is about the idea that if a woman puts the protection of her body (protection from rape) in the hands of men, she is accepting one form of rape for another. If she acts smart and takes action, she can protect herself and truly own herself. In no situation is the woman passive. There are just different strategies. The idea that a woman, as an object of desire, loses power is perhaps the greatest lie ever told by civilized culture.

  3. Another really fine piece of analysis… Very pointed and concise. Your work cuts to the core of what these films are about. As a filmmaker and movie-lover they're much appreciated. My only criticism is that they feel too short but I know that's kindof your M.O.  Please find the time to make some more about Scorsese and Fincher films!

  4. Silence of the lambs is about inadequacy. Buffalo Bill is an inadequate transsexual. Clarice Starling is a inadequate FBI agent in the beginning. Dr Chilton is a inadaquate psychiatrist, wich Hannibal mocks him for. Clarice Starling would not solve the case without the help of Hannibal ( the devil). Maybe even she sold her soul in the end by helping the devil escape to solve the Bill- case. At least that is what i think. It´s obvious also how the movie is always puting Clarice at odds with men, elevator FBI scene and the morgue scene having to ask the policemen to leave the room. FBI and police departments is a world of men.

  5. blah blah blah…more football, buffalo wings and boobies please.  I am joking I enjoyed the analysis.  Silence of the Lambs is one of the best movies ever. and attempting to analyze it is no easy feat.

  6. I think you are one of these "men's right" crowd, who can't accept any kind of criticism that something to do with gender studies. Horror movies, like regular porn, are created from the point view of men, because majority of consumers are men. Likewise romantic comedies adapt a more "female" point of view. No need to get aggressive. Be more open minded.

  7. Hahaha! Actually, I'm preparing another video essay on Martin Scorsese. It may take a while; as we already know Scorsese's films are incredibly intricate in terms of framing and camera movement, editing, music and themes.

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