Gail just received a Skype from Judge Terrance Jenkins and Brent Spiner, about a week ago the Jesuit were destroyed when their own super nukkake ricocheted back to its origination point and took out the entire Jesuit Order.

When Zack Knight resurrected Rule 13, Rule 13 managed to save another Jesuit named Angelina. Angelina double-crossed Rule 13 and now rules over the earth with very strong brain control causing men to have sex with her and to LIKE IT.

Here are the Gail Commandments:

Here is a transcript of my Skype conversation with my men about Angelina (will update this after I transcribe the tape):

Go to Gabrielle Chana FOX News at my website for the latest:

Any scientists who can help us contact my men at or


23 Replies to “Angelina Ballerina is NEW Jesuit leader (OBEY Gail Commandments)”

  1. Gail, I need your help! I have been a long time follower of all you commandments and have done my best to follow truly and faithfully. I have an overwhelming suspicion that Angelina Ballerina is coming for me next, and I don't know what to do!!! I've been trying so hard to block her from my brain, I keep adding more layers of tin foil to my hat, and she's constantly finding ways around it. I believe she will soon find me, and I will not be able to resist her. I have had visions of her plan for me and it horrifying! What I've seen in the visions so far is when she finds me, she will take my sperm and inpregnate herself, after she has the baby, she will then transfer herself into the babies body to take on another form, then she plans to cast me into the sperm ocean and make me drown in it for eternity! Please Gail I need your help! Is there something stronger I can use other than the tin foil, maybe an aluminum pot on my head that will stop her from being able to access my thoughts??? I don't know what to do to stop her and the Jesuit army! As you know already, being one of your most faithful followers, I have been and will be saving myself for you, to be one of your closet followers, and greatest lovers. My seed has been and was always meant for you Gail, but I'm afraid Angelina Ballerina will get to me first and steal me for herself to cast her evil doing. I need you Gail, please tell me what to do! Your faithful follower forever

  2. I saw this coming, I have an invention to stop her evil orgy rain, i have made a drug called "anti viagra pills" (AVP) when you give this to your men they will stop becoming horny for her, they also work on angelina, she won't be able to be a seductive
    whore and she can get AVP through oral with a male, so if you order my anti viagra pills this will end quicker than it began Ma'am.

  3. Gail! You have made a signifant dent in our cause, but head my word. You will be destroyed, Angelina Balerina will soon command a strike on your shields directly, we have mass manufactured our COCKS, also knows as the corrosive omnipotent cum killer superbeam. This weapon is an avanced semen lazor that will be used to DESTROY your shield, all of your men will be sodomized! Fear the wrath of the jesuits Gail! YOU WILL TASTE OUR SPERM ONCE AGAIN!

  4. Had a nightmare last night about this woman. Gail..what are the men to do? I can't get any seraquil at the moment and I've been wearing the tin foil..but I can't stop thinking about Angelina ever since this dream! The dream was so vulgar that I woke up in a cold sweat and a wet spot on the front of my shorts. I fear that if this continues I'll give in to her and will have no choice! Gail, please do everything you can….

  5. This is shocking news, I will be praying twice as hard to Jesus for a decisive victory over the jesuit scum. I will not stop until i find a way to help stop aganst angelina ballerina. I will make sure to follow the Gail Commandments Ten times as hard as i did before.

  6. Gail, the Jesuits really seem to be mounting everything they have in their campaign against you right now. Have you heard about a movie called Silence that will be released later this year? The film is about Jesuit priests that try to convert ancient Japan to their own Jesuit religion. I think the intention of this film is to try and discredit your upcoming novel Jesus the Eternal Bridegroom II.

    The film is directed by Martin Scorcese, and it stars a man on your marriage list: Liam Neeson. I suspect this specific Liam Neeson is actually a Jesuit clone, however. Here is a link if you want to learn more about the film:

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