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Annie Machon, Former MI5 Intelligence Officer & Whistleblower
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Annie Machon is a Former MI5 Intelligence Officer turned Whistleblower and now a writer, commentator and public speaker on issues like the war on terrorism, the war on drugs, and the war on the internet. She is also a director of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition).


“Cut & Run” & “Our Story Begins” by Kevin MacLeod ( –

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  1. Shock, horror. Government spy agencies caught spying. If it keeps us safe what's the problem? Civil liberties? Well if it catches one bomber then I'm prepared to sacrifice mine. Spy away is what I say.

  2. MI5 coerces the media NOT to publish my true GCHQ Cheltenham account, hence concealing their complicity in the murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher.
    The true facts of my GCHQ Cheltenham account are:
    I am the son of a London Metropolitan Police Constable who was in turn the son of a London Metropolitan Police Constable.
    Typically at lunchtime, I would go for a walk but late morning on the 17 April 1984, my line manager (Phil Baker) instructed me to be “available” in my office during lunchtime. He provided no explanation. I later reflected, in some horror that only item 3 occurred.
    Lunchtime on the 17 April 1984, the Communications Hall Supervisor was sitting on my desk in my office apparently waiting for me to return to my office. He had no reason to be there and he ‘blocked’ me up against the closed door. He then read the “missed” signal to me.
    A couple of weeks before the shooting there was a brief argument in my office between the Day Duty Officer and my Line Manager regarding the night shift sleeping in my office.
    A few weeks before the shooting, the G6 Senior Manager responsible for my appointment to that office, warned me that my integrity might be challenged and compromised.
    A few weeks before the shooting, my office colleague insisted that I leave my desk, open our office door and look across the corridor and see a similar folding bed as in the attached photograph.
    My office colleague often made a great fuss about the night shift sleeping in our office.
    Prior to the shooting, a journalist that just happened to be writing a series of articles about GCHQ and Geoffrey Prime, declared on the 7.00am train from Worcester to Cheltenham that The Chestnut was his favourite pub. The Chestnut happens to be approximately 100 yds. from Flag Meadow Walk – our home at that time.
    After the shooting, the same journalist attempted to ‘pump’ me for information.
    Prior to my appointment to GCHQ the previous year, to my surprise the Positive Vetting Investigator said to me that “they certainly want you”.
    On transfer to GCHQ, my Civil Service annual salary increased from £6,318 to £8,282 (31% salary increase – I wasn’t likely to say ‘no’ to such an offer).
    The GCHQ trade union campaign began after the decision by the government in January 1984 to ban unions at GCHQ.
    The questions put by Mr. Tam Dalyell (Linlithgow) in the House of Commons following the 1996 “Murder in St. James’s  –  Dispatches  –  Channel 4” two-part documentary must also be answered:

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