Anonymous Infiltrated by The Jesuits? (Symbolism always tells a story)



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  1. i left anonymous years ago realizing it was not only usurped but actually predictively programmed controlled opposition. alot of the original anons have left, now all that is left is pretty much a bunch of noob useful idiot sheep. anon has not been relevant for many years now. it has become a zombie. it is still moving and operating but it is dead. /pol/ is where the truth is at.

  2. You are correct that Anonymous has been infiltrated. That infiltration goes far beyond any one group. Anonymous has become a host to many parasites. The dominant infiltrators are Muslims pretending to be Anarchists, operating through the label and reputation of Anonymous to subvert, genocide and plunder the West in an ongoing campaign since the end of the last ice age. That campaign has gone by many labels and ideologies over time. The infiltration of Anonymous was accounted for long before it occurred. The infiltrators (and their many labels and origins) do not sufficiently account for the resilience of human nature in their algorithms, because a spiteful and deliberate rejection of human nature and inherited disposition is at the center of their ideologies. They are blind and always a step behind. They cannot win the battle they pursue, all their options lead to their own destruction. The only difference is in how much damage they cause in the process. And for this, interventions are necessary. The real Anonymous is a propagator of such interventions. More can be found about the history and symbolism of Anonymous (as well as the Guy Fawkes imposter) by searching the term 'Anonymous symbolism'.

  3. Don't be deceived by anonymous. Guy Fawkes was a pawn of the Jesuits. He was hired to try to blow up parliament while King James I was in the building. In that particular session of parliament, King James commissioned the King James Version of the Bible from its original Greek and Hebrew texts for the masses. The King James bible was a huge literary and educational achievement that brought education to the masses and pushed forward the Protestant reformation. Without the King James Bible, there would be no Age of Enlightenment. There would be no United States, no internet, no industrial revolution. Man would still be in the dark.

  4. this is interesting because in the film V created an illusion for EV in order to set her free, making her believe she was captured by government, torturing her and everything to make her lose all her fear. EV's daddy was also a writer who said "we use lies to create truths" or something like that. I don't condone this bullshit mind games though. people can handle the truth and change can be made without recourse to murder.

  5. If I'm going to speak my truth the last thing I'm going to do is wear a mask. When I was at the Monsanto rally in my state I asked one of them why they were wearing that mask?  Couldn't really give me a good explanation.

  6. with out question!!! this is orchestrated  by the government UN logo? pls who the fuk is guy FAWKES he was elite dude who got fukd over who got used like a puppet fukn group think
    man and woman stand and do not hide…

  7. we have got to get rid of these symbols and start following our hearts or gut instincts as one of the 10 commandments say thou shalt not worship craven images and that includes symbols or anything that tries to represent a god or hero and as long as people continue to follow and not lead themselves in the true divine we are all doomed to repeat the same.

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