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  1. I'm not Catholic, but I've been moving closer and closer to Catholicism recently because of my issues with Protestant arguments for justification by faith alone and by grace alone. However, stuff like the Pope himself being a massive liberal heretic really dampens that. It's hard for me to see how Christ's "one, true church" would devolve like this. If Vatican 2 is a heretical and satanic sect, what exactly is my alternative?

  2. Hello, brothers.
    I am wondering how someone who has not been confirmed into the Vatican II sect (and is 18+) would be able to go to confession with a validly ordained, Vatican II following priest (assuming the person believes in all traditional Catholic teachings and the priest agrees to use the traditional R. Catholic rite of confession).
    Thank you for exposing the many heresies, for what they are, and illumining us on the one true faith- the traditional Catholic faith that it's necessary to belong to for salvation.

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