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  1. Now it is 00:26 Indian Standard Time, and I am staying awake for sometime to pray for the world. We need to stand united and pray for one another. Please pray for me as I am praying for all of you too.
    With love and prayers from India!

  2. No world government will happen with Donald Trump as President and the Republicans in control of Congress.A world government will only happen if the Democrats return to the White House with a Democrat controlled Congress

  3. I feel sad for the lost, I used to be one of them. Thank the Lord that he loved me first, and I listened to his call. This world is so deceiving, I used to think that if you were in a place of power that you were a "good person" , because "good things happen to good people". Now, I realize it is the exact opposite.

  4. Fatima's shrine cries out for amendments! come back to Me, creation! come and recognise Me, creation; come and pray to Me; sin no more; believe in Me and do not doubt; come and repent, come and receive Me; be holy, Vassula; O Vassula, bring back My creation to Me! Altar! I will pour into you My Flame, enflaming you with Love; you are to seek My Interests glorifying Me; do not be like the others who seek their glory and grandeurs; As told by Jesus Christ in the TLIG Messages.

  5. "… 4,000 World Leaders From 130 Different Countries Gathered In Dubai This Week For THE WORLD GOVERNMENT SUMMIT (to Usher In The NEW WORLD ORDER, that's what it's really about). They just felt it was fitting to put up the SATANIC ARCH OF BAAL (a.k.a. ARCH OF TRIUMPH – This is A SATANIC GATEWAY, that's what it is) outside; it must be a coincidence right? So, we know about The Bilderberg Meetings – The Bilderberg Group, The Bohemian Grove. There's a lot of these SECRET MEETINGS that they have; this one is just out IN PLAIN SIGHT, where they are actually telling you it's a World Government Summit, so what does that mean? – Globalism, World Government, New World Order. People are too naive to believe that this stuff is going on, but it's real, it's RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR FACES… So they can PERFORM THEIR RITUALS of course with THE ARCH (OF BAAL) there. These people get together, they PLAN THESE FAKE WARS THAT THEY STAGE, they PLAN ALL THESE EVENTS that are going to go down, and they also PERFORM SATANIC RITUALS – BLACK MAGIC, that's what they do, all these Leaders of Government. THE 'NEW WORLD ORDER SUMMIT' is what they should call it. I wonder where The Arch (Of Baal) is going to head to next? – it will be very interesting to see; because THE ARCH (OF BAAL) IS POPPING UP DELIBERATELY DURING THESE EVENTS when they are gathered together, or during these Events, that are Pagan Festivals, which are Satanic Festivals like The Beltane. I'm sure they'll show up in time for some type of SATANIC RITUAL IN THE SPRING somewhere else, and then of course for SUMMER SOLSTICE, and of course for HALLOWEEN, it'll show up somewhere too. Nobody even thinks it a big deal that they have World Government Summits. GLOBALISM, this ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, this NEW WORLD ORDER is right in our faces, it's already here for the most part, now they have to GET EVERYBODY ON BOARD. They are going to use THE LOVE MOVEMENT, BLOCK THE HATE – ONE, all these things that they have been BRAINWASHING PEOPLE SUBLIMINALLY WITH, they are going to keep using these TRIGGER WORDS, BEATING IT DOWN PEOPLE'S BRAINS… In The Bible we read about the SACRIFICES THAT WERE MADE TO BAAL. People were SACRIFICING THEIR OWN CHILDREN TO BAAL. It is unbelievable how much stuff is being revealed to us right now by Our Father In Heaven!… The original Arch Of Baal was supposedly blown up by ISIS; OUR GOVERNMENT IS FUNDING ISIS, AND ARE ONE WITH ISIS! Now, THE ARCH OF BAAL IS TRAVELLING THE WORLD LIKE A CELEBRITY. How many Rituals have been performed under This Archway, where is it the rest of the year? WHEN ARE PEOPLE GOING TO WAKE UP? An Archway (Temple of Baal or Temple of Triumph) that was used for a Temple where they SACRIFICE AND MURDER BABIES. More and more PEOPLE NEED TO OPEN THEIR EYES AND WAKE UP, because this is what's going on. BREAK FREE FROM THE BONDAGE OF IT ALL, PICK UP YOUR BIBLE, AND REALIZE THAT PROPHESY IS BEING FULFILLED. We see Temples For Baal being erected all around the world, and nobody is blinking an eye. Give Me A Break, please!" / A Call For An Uprising

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