Are Bush’s Methodist or Jesuits? working with New World Order (NWO) 5 of 5.avi

Their in the DARK yet they beleive their a Main Part of the Plan, New World Order, Most of the People working with the NWO are in the DARK they have them and their Families Drugged with a Neuro Toxin in their Brains and its also Destroying every Organ in their Bodies see, Their Also useing Edward Bernays Propaganda Media techniques, see film FIAT EMPIRE this tells how they stole the American Economic system and others in the World, The Bankers at the top are Monsters, they start wars then Finance Each side,


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  1. More than People can Imagine We are DRUGGED before Birth to Death, they are Adding Hex-ACID to our BRAINS thru Water=FluorideCola's=Sodium has=tiny Particles of Aluminum, Lead etc attaches to ends of Neurons forms Clusters in Pineal Gland, Causes Lazy Thyroid=Depression=Tired BAd Feeling, Damaging thinking 25% upto Millions with NO MIND LEFT, see Films at "FLUORIDEALERT", 4cents day Take Magnesium especially at Bedtime, Pure Water, ADDICTION to Cola & Sweets Broke in 2 weeks, You go thru Changes

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