Tying together the connections between Adam Weishaupt and his Illuminati, Ignatious of Loyola and his Jesuits and the “black pope,” the Jesuit trained Trump and Sephardic converso-jew Kaper’s complete avoidance of the subject of the Jesuits, the top of the pyramid when it comes to International Jewry.

Why didn’t Kapner inform his supporters/viewers that Trump graduated from Fordham University, a Jesuit institution?

Ever wonder why the RC pope (and the bishops) all wear that enlarged yarmulke?


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9 Replies to “Are (((Kapner))) and (((Trump))) Both (((Jesuit))) Coadjutors? #322”

  1. Brother Nathanael is a real anti Jew. I have studied this issue for many years and I found Brother Nathanael to be genuine, authentic, sincere despite the fact that he is a Jew by race. There are many Jews who have told us the truth like Benjamin Friedman in 1961, Illan Pappe, Norman Frankenstein, Asazia, etc,,, who have described in detail the genocides and crimes against humanity the Jews have done to the world without the Goyim to realize who is the perpetrator. The Jews are a horde of Supremacist, racist, mind control group of psychopaths.

  2. Kerry admits to being s Jew. Clinton's and Bush's daughters married Jews, as did Trump – they don't marry out their religion. So you're right of course. What worries me is that they are liars. Not good

  3. CharlesFockaert, You are wrong! I was watching your videos for awhile and understood your problem. You are anti-Semitic. You hate him because you are jealous and for you nothing else to do then to pour a dirt on the guy. Leave him alone. Look at your own sins and repent. Find something else to do. Don't you see that people really don't like your comments and only fools will follow you.

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