1. Yeah she promotes gays but that her suporting her brother because her wants to be gay…so she wanted to be a loven sister and support gays they could loveeeee…the world nothing without love…when she talks she doesn't act evil u evil for taking about her…she a nice person that did charities sense she was little and always had jesus in her hart…she just loved entertaining and music…in that's always what she wanted raising 15 million for charities is not evil…showing love around the world is not evil…pepole support her because she's loven and she makes peple feel good about there self…she doesn't go online all Day and talk about how bad and evil pepole are she pray for them and love…if u think something wrong with her u should be praying not saying she's evil and stuff like wtf what's wrong with u lucky that she dosen't see ur videos and sue…so spread love not hate…so#spread love not hate…on these celebs cause at end of the Day there just like us human they sleep they eat they love…

  2. This is disgusting. Its so hard to remember that this is not normal because videos and songs like this are everywhere. instagram is filled with this. i just saw a video of a girl i know twerking disgustingly and thinking nothing of it. thinking she's cool.

  3. They aren't aiming it at young children. It is obviously made for mature people. Parents allowing their children to listen to that type of music are the ones to blame. The artist releases the music, they have no control over who will listen that is why there are adults to keep kids away from listening to and watching inappropriate things.

  4. PLEASE LOOK AT KATY PERRY's NEW VIDEO FT NICKI MINAJ!!!!!!! Thanks to you, my eyes are now open enough to see the messages in the video!! They COMPLETELY humiliated Katy cause I think she's trying to get out! We're constantly seeing videos of her saying "Help Me" and many are just too asleep to see what's happening!

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