#ArkTwo. Man Builds Underground Bunker with 42 School Buses for End Times.How are You Preparing?

#ArkTwo. Man Builds Underground Bunker with 42 School Buses for End Times. How are You Preparing? Comment


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  1. I know the end time is near. God said watch in Matthew 24 to be prepared . I ask God to understand to use me for His Glory. You can see how Satan works. Have a relationship with God. My heart is right with Our Heavenly Father, God, ABBA. I'm tired of going through my chronic pains and my Mom is very sick too.I pray first everyone.

  2. Well done. To God be ALL the glory! These videos inspire me to start something similar in my area. So sad that so many people are unmindful of the soon coming end of the world, and so many of us are careless and indifferent at these crucial, final moments of probation.

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  4. It's sad that this man believes he can save himself from the destruction that is coming at the end of the world by hiding out in a bunker of old school buses. He doesn't know or understand this earth will be completely destroyed, and the elements will melt with fervent heat. There won't be any hiding place down here when Jesus returns to perform His strange act of completely annihilating this sinful world. He needs to be told that.

  5. Thank you again! I go out each Sabbath and give out the GC, DA PP, and Steps to Christ. Meet a lot of people who are very interested, and some who are not! But we are greatly blessed. I believe y’all are to. 🌹

  6. Those who know a Sunday law is coming are preparing by selling most everything we have, giving all to God's work, and moving to the country, for the cities will be a place of violence, and destruction.. Also we are growing in faith so we can withstand the persecution to come on those who keep the 4th commandment and Worship the Creator on His holy 7th day Sabbath.. The coming battle of Armageddon is over Who you Worship, and what day you Worship on shows Who you Worship..

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